Hillary Clinton Medical Records Leaked: Fact or Fiction?

Were Hillary Clinton’s medical records leaked to the public? Is Hillary Clinton really suffering from dementia, seizures and memory loss? A new report indicates that Hillary Clinton’s medical records have been leaked, but not everyone agrees. Are the medical records fact or fiction?

According to the leaked medical records, Hillary Clinton allegedly suffers from Complex Partial Seizures and Subcortical Vascular Dementia. Included as symptoms Clinton is experiencing are blackouts, uncontrollable twitching and memory issues.

While the general consensus is the leaked medical records are fake, there is a bit of truth behind them. The doctor named on the medical reports has been confirmed as one of Hillary’s doctors: Lisa R. Bardack. Still, not everyone is convinced the medical records are fake. The following is a CBS News report from December 2013 reporting on Clinton’s health issues from 2012. Mentioned are two blood clots Clinton has been diagnosed with. One clot Clinton suffered in the ’90s. The other blood clot she was diagnosed with was in Dec. 2012. In a ABC News report, it was discussed that Hillary Clinton did have additional issues stemming from the concussion. No one in Hillary Clinton’s camp would state what the additional issues or injuries she sustained were.

Dr. Lisa R. Bardack released the document clearing Hillary Clinton to run for office. The statement of health was issued on July 28, 2015, and previously had been accessible through Scribd. Since the controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding Clinton’s health have escalated, the document’s settings have been changed to private. According to Dr. Bardack’s 2015 medical statement, Hillary Clinton was in excellent health, reported Time.

Politico also reported on the 2015 report that was described as Hillary Clinton releasing her medical records for the campaign. With the allegations that Clinton is suffering from seizures and then the leaked medical report saying she does indeed suffer from seizures and dementia, calls were made for Clinton to release her medical records once and for all. In the Politico report that was based upon Dr. Bardack’s assessment, Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion due to fainting after being dehydrated from a virus. In addition to the Politico article, the Mount Kisco Daily Voice also reported on Clinton’s excellent bill of health in 2015. Also mentioned was the section regarding Clinton’s 2012 concussion.

“In December of 2012, Mrs. Clinton suffered a stomach virus after traveling, became dehydrated, fainted and sustained a concussion.”

Those who believe the newly released medical records are fake are comparing them to the 2015 bill of health. Many suggest the writing is different and point out there is official letterhead on the 2015 documents, but not the recent ones. Snopes reported that Hillary Clinton’s leaked documents were fake, but not everyone agrees. Snopes points out that the documents appeared briefly on a Twitter account @HillsMedRecords then quickly vanished. The dates on the leaked medical records are February 5, 2014 and March 20, 2014. Both dates are before the 2015 document.

The lack of letterhead on the leaked medical records has caused many people to believe they are fake. While there is great debate regarding Hillary Clinton’s health and fitness to run for office, there is one area it seems everyone can agree. Hillary Clinton should release her current medical records.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, people want Hillary Clinton to release her medical records. Some people are so convinced that Hillary Clinton is sick and dying, they’re using the hashtag #illary Clinton instead of Hillary. At this point, it might be the best way to quiet the rumors and stop the questions. Hillary Clinton has been seen in positions that make her appear old and weak. Is she really coughing nonstop? Is she suffering from a chronic cough or hyperthyroidism? Does she really have long-lasting damage from her previous brain injury? Are Hillary Clinton’s leaked medical records fact or fiction? What do you think?


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