WWE News: Rogue Fan Tries To Attack WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Live On ‘WWE RAW,’ Did He Have A Knife?

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins plays a character on WWE television. I know this is shocking for some but please inhale and exhale, you will be okay. The character he plays is that of a bad guy or “heel” in the pro-wrestling terminology. His character is supposed to make you hate him, as that is kind of the job of the character. Rollins may be a bad guy on television, but fans still love him because of how good he is playing the role. On top of all of this, he is a fantastic wrestler, too.

Rollins is known by many as this generation’s version of Shawn Michaels, but a case could easily be made that he is not our Heart Break Kid at all, but rather the first ever Seth Rollins. Regardless, no matter how good he is or how many people know he plays a role on television, some fans will still try and take it upon themselves to attack a wrestler. Usually fans know well in advance that they cannot jump the barrier. However, some simply do not care.

As you can see here, Rollins was almost attacked by a rogue fan. However, as you’ll notice from the video, security was right on this man and Rollins even made sure to put him in his place by shoving the fan back as he got into his face. Security were right on top of him shortly after, and Rollins actually rolled with the attack. As he was talking about the “demon king” not appearing, he would ask the crowd, “is this the demon king?”

Rollins SummerSlam '15
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Seth Rollins celebrates his victory over John Cena at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

Rollins certainly proved that no matter what, he could handle things well. Due to security being right on top of the fan, nothing got out of hand thankfully. However, NESN reports that fans in the arena claim the rogue fan had a knife, ready to use. NESN claims that the fan reports have not been confirmed as of yet. However, if the fans in the arena can see it then we should consider it something of note as of now.

Plus if you’re a fan going in there to attack a very in-shape WWE Superstar, it would be smart to bring back-up when things go wrong. Things will always go wrong when you try this, anyway. WWE has attempted to kill off this problem when they began to start pressing charges and banning fans for life from all WWE events. To the credit of WWE here, fans have stayed away since then.

Now it is likely that this fan has charges pressed against him and if he had a knife, they could easily pursue high criminal charges. WWE has warned fans, so everyone knows going into events that they cannot jump the railing and go into the ring or the company will press charges. Whether or not this fan knew, or cared, is unknown. However, if he did know and wanted to go up to Seth Rollins anyway, then he didn’t care about the charges due to some sort of hatred he had for a character on television.

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Seth Rollins may feel somewhat flattered that he made a fan hate him so much, as that makes him know he did his job. Years ago when Sgt. Slaughter turned heel and went against the United States, fans were sending death threats his way and the WWE had a lot to worry about regarding Slaughter’s safety. The problem became so big for the company that Slaughter was turned back to a babyface in less than a year and went back to his old gimmick, supporting America.

It is very tough to reach such a legitimate level of hatred among WWE fans, but in a time when people know it is scripted entertainment, it is really hard to reach the Slaughter level of hate. People knew a bit back then, but it was more of an open secret that no one spoke about until WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did so at the start of the Attitude Era. The fact that Seth Rollins has reached this level with some fans says a lot.

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