Teresa Giudice Disappointed And Angry With Jacqueline Laurita: ‘It Hurt’

Teresa Giudice wanted to start over when she returned home from prison just before Christmas. Giudice had time in prison to think about her life, her mistakes, and her friendships in New Jersey. It’s no secret that she wanted to work things out with Melissa Gorga. Even though Melissa hadn’t been invited to visit her in prison, she really wanted to talk to Gorga and work things out in person. And the two did try to talk over Christmas. But with Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa may have been a bit skeptical when it came to her friendship. While they had been friends before, they had also fought a lot before.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice is now revealing that she felt completely betrayed by Laurita. She had gone to her house in hopes of starting over, but it was quickly apparent that Jacqueline just wanted to go back and talk about the past. She brought up issues from over five years ago that Teresa had personally moved on from.

“First of all, you invite me to your home, and then you say something like that? I was disappointed,” Teresa Giudice explained to Andy Cohen during a visit to Watch What Happens Live, sharing that she was completely shocked that her co-star would say such things to her, especially since Jacqueline was still cooking the meal they were about to have.

“It hurt,” Teresa revealed after learning that Jacqueline had mimicked her when reading her note from prison, adding, “It was two sentences. I just wanted to say hi to her, and then for her to make fun of me — so right there, you could just see where it was going.”

Of course, Giudice didn’t realize that she would be attacked with past issues when she went over to her co-star’s house for dinner. Teresa Giudice thought that they could start over and focus on the future, but it was clear that this wasn’t the case. Teresa quickly had a meltdown, and she walked out of the house. Rather than show some compassion and understanding, Laurita was very vocal in her own blog about Teresa’s behavior.

“Teresa may have been on her own island at one time, but I believe she put herself on that island. Nobody intentionally ganged up on her. We each had our own separate issues with Teresa and one had nothing to do with another’s, although there were some undeniable similarities we all experienced with Teresa’s behavior,” Jacqueline revealed in her own blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo.

It sounds like Jacqueline wanted to clear her name after the dramatic showdown in her kitchen because she was very vocal in her blog about Giudice bringing up her own brother. While she was the one who called Joe Gorga to set the record straight, Teresa was supposedly the one who brought him up during the conversation.

“Somebody play back the tape! Don’t get it twisted! Teresa is the one who first brought up her brother, although I DID notice the spin she tried to put on it. It bothered me because Teresa knew I was currently good friends with her brother, just as I was two years ago, so I couldn’t figure out WHY she was trying to cause a problem between him and I by saying that her brother told her not to trust me 2 years ago!” Laurita continues in her blog for Bravo.

What do you think about Teresa Giudice’s comments about her co-star? Are you surprised that Giudice is even giving her co-star a chance to work things out, considering everything that Jacqueline has done in the past?

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]