‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Promo Reveals Heatwave in Port Charles, Favorite Couples, And New Summer Romances Heat Up

Another General Hospital promo has just been released that shows quite a heatwave going on in Port Charles. There are some interesting tidbits in the short clip that reveal what is to be expected in the romance department and who will be ready for some summer loving. Check out what is going on with some of the show’s favorite couples, and even some new pairings on the ABC daytime drama.

The video that was posted by General Hospital has some of the soap’s favorite couples, as well as others who may be getting in on some summer romance. On Monday’s episode, Jason had just proposed to Sam after learning that she is pregnant with their second child. This is what many fans have been waiting for and it is finally happening. But will she accept his proposal?

Between the huge smile on Sam’s face and her squeal of joy, it sure looks like she will definitely say yes. These two had officially gotten divorced so that they could start their relationship fresh, and they have done just that. Now that they are having a baby, Jason and Sam are ready to begin their life together once again. However, Sam is still waiting for her second test results to come in to make sure that she doesn’t have malaria that could harm her child, not to mention other complications that could happen.

It also looks like Andre and Jordan have definitely made up, but there are rumors floating around that Andre could very well be the General Hospital killer. Could Jordan be literally sleeping with the enemy?

Another moment that viewers have been waiting for is the pairing of Laura Spencer and Kevin Collins. It looks like these two are growing closer than ever. In the General Hospital clip, they share their first kiss after spending some time together. Is this the beginning of a long-term romance?

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Then there is the torrid not-so-romantic coupling of Griffin and Claudette. Their past has been full of drama involving Claudette’s ex-husband, Nathan West, and the secret that they have all been hiding. Nathan has no idea that Griffin is the man that he shot years ago after catching him having an affair with his wife. Now that they are all in Port Charles together, Claudette wants Griffin back. The promo shows Nathan and Maxie walking in on Claudette and Griffin at the hospital as they are sharing a kiss. This may just bring back some past memories for Nathan after walking in on another intimate moment between them once again.

Curtis and Valerie are expected to bring on the end-of-summer heat as they take their relationship even further. While many General Hospital fans may have thought that Curtis and Nina Clay would have been great together, it looks like his sights are set on the pretty police officer from the PCPD. Valerie has been busy walking around the hallways of GH trying to find clues as to who is killing patients at the hospital, but she is definitely taking time out from her duties to spend some quality time with her man.

Dante and Lulu are ready to make a baby. They have wanted to have a second child since they got back together, but things keep getting in the way. Now they are ready to take that next step. However, it could be that Lulu may already have another child that hasn’t been revealed just yet. Celebrity Dirty Laundry teases that Jake may finally open up to Elizabeth about his time on Cassadine Island, which means that he could reveal that a young girl, Athena, was also on the island with him. The speculation on who this girl is seems to either have her as Jason’s daughter or Lulu’s child with Stavros Cassadine.

No one knows about Athena just yet, but it could be that once Jake reveals what happened during his time with Helena, Dante and Lulu may just head back to Greece to discover more secrets. Valentin Cassadine is supposedly being extradited back to Greece to face charges, so maybe Lulu will want to follow him there to get more answers that she is seeking. In the meantime, Dante and Lulu still want to have another baby. Will they succeed?

Which couple are you looking forward to seeing on General Hospital?

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