Stripper Puts Newborn In Toilet, Takes Pictures To Send To Dad

Brittany Lester, a 21-year-old stripper from Florida, is in jail for placing her baby in a variety of dangerous locations in her motel room – and texting pictures to the baby’s father.

Lester is being accused of child abuse after she allegedly put her five-week-old son in the following places inside a motel room, reports The Smoking Gun: stripped to a diaper and squeezed between the mattress and boxspring; “lying inside a dresser drawer crying”; lying under the bed; sitting in the toilet; and inside the trash can (both sitting and upside down).

According to The Smoking Gun, the father of the five-week-old boy reported the pictures to the police. The 22-year-old man stated that he was no longer romantically involved with Lester, but the two had reportedly agreed to “work together for the sake of the baby.”

The man reported that Lester became angry with him after suspecting that he was involved with another woman. Shortly after leaving the motel where Lester and the baby were staying, he began receiving disturbing texts from her. The police reports states that Lester took 13 photos of the baby, including the baby in the following situations: Lying on the bed with a plastic bag over his head, being held up by his arm with his body in the toilet, being held up by his neck, and lying partially under the air conditioning unit in the motel room.

The Stir reports that Lester abused the baby in full view of her 3-year-old because she “suspected her ex was messing around with another woman.”

Lester will spend one year in jail on charges of child abuse. The infant was not physically harmed during the abuse.