‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2016 Spoilers: Who Arrives And Who Goes Home Tonight? — A New Love Triangle Begins

It’s almost time for paradise, and those in Mexico are really making things quite complicated for themselves. Episode 3 of Bachelor In Paradise will see a number of interesting things taking place, as there are set to be two rose ceremonies that will send a number of people home. One of the bigger things, though, is that a new love triangle is going to form and it won’t include anyone named Nick Viall, Amanda Stanton, or Josh Murray.

Spoiler alert: Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of Bachelor in Paradise. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

First things first, there will be two rose elimination ceremonies this evening, but more on that later, as it’s time to see who arrives in Mexico. Arriving this evening will be three new ladies who are going to cause a fuss in a hurry.

  • Ashley Iaconetti
  • Jen Saviano
  • Caila Quinn

Some may think that you can get too much of a good thing, but then BIP brings out something different.

Tonight’s episode is going to bring about more than just petty drama as people are starting to threaten one another. ABC released their preview, and it shows Josh Murray confronting Evan Bass over the mere fact that Evan had a conversation with Amanda Stanton.

Us Weekly points out that Caila Quinn’s arrival doesn’t sit so well with the other women who are already there. Izzy Goodkind isn’t entirely sure about her and thinks it is “nerve-racking” that the guys in Mexico “could be kind of blown away by her.”

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Lace Morris wasn’t as subtle as Izzy and will take things a step further if she really needs to do it. This season, Lace has gotten very close to Grant Kemp and she won’t tolerate any intrusions on her relationship.

“If Caila asks Grant on a date, I might have to slap a b**ch.”

Caila actually has her eyes on someone else, as she will ask Jared Haibon to go out on a date with her on tonight’s episode. That romance begins to bud almost immediately, but things can never be quite that simple on BIP.

Ashley, another new entry on tonight’s show, will also ask Jared out on a date, which forms another love triangle. Reality Steve says that ABC and their cleverly edited previews have simply blown things out of proportion to build up the drama.

While they do go out on a date, Jared and Ashley actually just have a really long discussion and come to the realization that they are better off as just friends. Their romance is not going to keep growing and won’t really interfere with the one between Jared and Caila.

That leads to everyone who will be going home on tonight’s episode, and there are more of them than usual. Last week, BIP didn’t end up sending having their rose ceremony elimination, so there should be two this evening, and those leaving will be the following.

  • Brandon Andreen
  • Christian Bishop
  • Sarah Herron
  • Ashley Iaconetti

Even though Ashley isn’t given a rose, she won’t exactly end up leaving Mexico and heading for home. Not long after she is eliminated, she comes back and asks Chris Harrison to let her stay on the show, which he actually ends up doing.

Please note that ABC can sometimes switch things around to have them happen in different episodes from what the spoilers have reported.

Bachelor In Paradise is just about halfway over, but there has already been a great deal of confusion so far this season. One cast member (Chad Johnson) was sent home on his own, rose ceremonies are being mixed around, love triangles are happening as far as the eye can see, and insults are being hurled everywhere. So much has already happened and that includes Ashley Iaconetti entering the show, being eliminated, and entering the show again.

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