Ritz Crackers Are Still America’s Favorite Salty Snack Food

Ritz Crackers American's Favorite Salty Snack

For the second year in a row, Ritz crackers have been selected as America’s favorite salty snack food, according to TODAY. With all of the options that are currently vying for your salty junk food dollar, residents of the United States still fall back on one of the more traditional foods available at the supermarket. Ritz Crackers, it would seem, are here to stay.

In a list compiled by the folks at YouGov BrandIndex, Ritz crackers beat out scores of competitors to claim the top spot once again. Arriving in the second place position was Lays potato chips, yet another staple of the suburban American diet. Doritos, meanwhile, laid claim to third place, while Fritos corn chips snagged position number four. Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn rounds out the top five.

According to the Daily Mail, men and women agreed on both Ritz crackers and Lays potato chips for the top two positions. However, disagreements arose when it came down to other items on the list. While men were fond of both Doritos and Fritos, women had a tendency to side with Orville Redenbacher’s tasty popcorn. Since the aforementioned popping corn is lower in calories than other items on the list, women had a tendency to rank it higher than other salty snack foods.

Wikipedia states that Ritz crackers were first introduced by Nabisco way back in the year that was 1934. In addition to the original flavor, a number of different variations on the snack cracker have been offered over the years, including Low Sodium, Reduced Fat, Whole Wheat, Roasted Vegetable, Garlic Butter, Honey Butter, Hint of Salt, and Fresh Stacks. In 2012, Nabisco introduced Ritz Crackerfuls, a smaller version of the original cracker stuffed with cheddar cheese and other fillings.

The complete list of America’s favorite salty snack foods are included below. Do you think that Ritz crackers should hold the top spot?

1. Ritz
2. Lay’s
3. Doritos
4. Fritos
5. Orville Redenbacher
6. Wheat Thins
7. Tostitos
8. Cheetos
9. Pringles
10. Triscuit