August 14, 2016
She's Back! 'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis Is Back In Charleston Post Drug Rehab, Will Season 4 Happen?

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is back in Charleston after a month in Southern California drug rehab, and as usual, she's the talk of the town. But while Kathryn has been on another coast, she's kept in touch with fans via Instagram with new pics that hint at the idea she might go back to modeling. At nearly six foot and after giving birth to two kids, she looks to be back to fighting weight. And speaking of fighting, fans now want to know if season four of Southern Charm will be happening on Bravo, and if it does, will Kathryn return?

Maybe those sunny days in a Malibu drug rehab have put a smile back on the face of Kathryn Dennis, star of Southern Charm, because when she left, things were looking pretty dim. The Southern Charm cast reunion had just aired, and the information concerning the custody of her children with Thomas Ravenel became fodder for not just the Southern Charm cast, but for fans of the Bravo show, too. It was announced in the press and on the Southern Charm reunion that Kathryn now had supervised visitation of her children because of a failed court-ordered drug test, and she would be sharing that custody with Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel, who will have his custody unsupervised.


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FitsNews broke the news that the statuesque Southern Charm redhead was back on the east coast, and the only comments she's making are via social media, as she is, for now, taking a pass on interviews.

"It's been a crazy year but I'm more me than I've ever been. Some of the most difficult roads lead us to the most beautiful destinations."
As fans of Southern Charm know, zen Kathryn doesn't usually last very long, but perhaps the time in Malibu in drug rehab has helped put a new filter on her perspective. But perhaps the first thing on Kathryn's plate will be to decide whether she is interested in doing a fourth season of Southern Charm. The drama and the trauma of the last three seasons have been rough on Kathryn, and for the last season, many Southern Charm cast members, like Landon Clements refused to shoot with her, but there is no denying that for particularly the last season or two, Kathryn is the reason fans tuned into the Bravo show in record numbers. Like her or not, those Southern Charm cast members who want to return must know that without Kathryn, there is no Southern Charm.

But sources are saying that Kathryn Dennis is investigating other paths that might just take her away from Southern Charm. Kathryn reportedly has been in New York meeting with "important figures in the fashion and entertainment industry," perhaps rekindling her modeling career, or even getting her own reality show, sans the others who don't wish her well (and now might actually have to get a day job).

TamaraTattles says Kathryn Dennis is back in Charleston in good spirits after recuperating from a rough season of Southern Charm at a Malibu rehab. Buzz from Southern Charm production says that there is some test shooting going on for a new male cast member, and that makes fans wonder which guy has called it quits. But despite the rest of the cast, would there be any ratings at all without Kathryn? Tamara says no.
"I would not care to watch the show without Kathryn, her kids and K. Cooper Ray, so lets selfishly keep our fingers crossed that happens just the way we want. Realistically, I think it would be in her best interest to stay far, far away from all the ghastly people on that show full of poseurs. It's not good for her health to be around all of that nonsense. But I'm sure they won't be willing to turn down the paycheck."
For now, Kathryn Dennis and Southern Charm co-star Thomas Ravenel have another court date to tweak the child custody situation.

Do you think Kathryn is going to come back for Season 4 of Southern Charm? Will there be a Southern Charm without Kathryn?

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