Duggar Against Sloth? Derick Dillard's Biblical Exhortation Provokes Questions From Viewers

Steph Bazzle

Critics of the Duggar family have a laundry list of complaints: anti-gay activism, adherence to gender roles, and Josh Duggar's past year of scandal and revelation, to name a few. One of the most common assertions, though, is that the Duggar family is lazy and that the family members are perpetually unemployed.

For a single example, check out the post below from the Duggar Family Official Facebook page.

[caption id="attachment_3417758" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Duggar laziness? Viewers say so. [Image via Facebook][/caption]It's a link to a video of Joseph Duggar and Ben Seewald, with Joseph discussing exercise techniques.

However, what's interesting here, at least as far as reflecting public opinion, is the comments beneath. The first shown is from a viewer who asserts that the Duggar offspring and spouses spend their days goofing off.

"Looks like these strong and able men hang out all day and do not work. Get a job and be productive."
"Who removed my comment? Was it to hard to hear?? Again...these two shoul learn to fill out a job application!!"

— Derick Dillard (@derick4Him) August 12, 2016

Several Duggar family members have been employed by businesses Jim Bob Duggar owns, or worked odd jobs or otherwise informally. Jinger Duggar, for instance, was featured in a Jill & Jessa: Counting On episode, where she bought a used car to resell for profit, and the audience was informed that the Duggar sons do this frequently.

"...if you seek to be financially independent, your self-sufficiency can crush your husband's spirit."

As for the Duggar males and the sons-in-law, the public isn't always necessarily aware of everything the family is doing, but they do make some things public. Derick, for instance, has spent the last several months in Central America, where he and Jill say they are performing missionary duties -- though some of their sharpest critics call it an extended vacation, as Raw Story reported last year.

Considering that Duggar detractors don't consider Jill and Derick's trip "work," it's little wonder that some responded with derision when the Duggar son-in-law tweeted about sloth.

[Image via TLC/YouTube]