Duchess Kate Mental Health Support, Is Kate Pregnant And Anxious?

If the rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant again are true, that would go a long way to explaining why she is suddenly expressing concern over the state of her children’s mental health. Kate’s worries didn’t come out of the blue; according to Mirror, the Duchess is the patron of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, a charity that specializes in mental health care for kids. It’s just that she’s never before spoken about what she would do if her own little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were having problems coping.

On the occasion of a launch of podcasts about helping families “overcome that fear of what happens next” when they look for professional help, the Duchess, who doesn’t yet look pregnant, said she would definitely get counseling for her own little prince and princess. The news has Kate Middleton news watchers wondering if there’s a special reason for Kate’s concern. Royal fans are wondering if Kate is pregnant.

The idea of a third new royal baby, along with the nine months of pregnancy problems as Kate deals with the “crippling morning sickness” that always seems to accompany the Duchess’ pregnancies, plus the pressure of preparations for sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding, could be driving Kate to think of her family’s mental health. Children often have mixed feelings about a new baby, and Kate knows that she isn’t the only one who has a hard time during pregnancy. George and Charlotte don’t have to deal with the morning sickness that a pregnant Kate has to face, but they do have to get through months of increased scrutiny as Royal watchers await every new tidbit of Kate Middleton news.

International Business Times wrote that the pregnancy rumors have surfaced again, and this time there are other signs that Kate might be pregnant with her third baby. Kate and William are just back from a luxurious series of mini breaks at places like the 16th century Château La Rocque, owned by multi-millionaire Michael Green, and the “extravagant” Hotel du Palais hotel where they stopped for the night on their summer holiday in France. Both the romantic getaway hotel with a special Royal Suite and the fabulous ancient chateau were the perfect setting for William and Kate to conceive another prince or princess, according to gossip site Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Whether or not Duchess Kate’s pregnancy is real, she is certainly dedicated to her little ones and wants to make sure they are healthy. Hello magazine reports that Duchess Kate and Prince William “feel very strongly” about making sure the prince and princess receive the care they need and “wouldn’t hesitate to get expert support” if George or Charlotte needed help coping with anything, including Kate’s pregnancy. To help promote mental health care for families, Kate has “supported the launch of a series of podcasts on children’s mental health.” The Duchess released a statement about the charity and its new campaign.

“Throughout my work with family and child support organisations, one thing that has stood out to me time and again is that getting early support for a child who is struggling to cope is the best possible thing we can do to help our children as they grow up.”

Kate pointed out that many people are “afraid” to ask for help when they need it, and if it’s hard for adults to ask for themselves, its even harder for kids.

“It doesn’t need to be like this.”

The possibly-pregnant Duchess finished with a plea that showed there was some real emotion behind the official words of the pre-written statement, the kind of anxious feeling that accompanies pregnancy for many women. “Please do listen,” she said, then went on to ask everyone to share the podcasts with family and friends.

What do you think? Is Duchess Kate pregnant with a third prince or princess, and that is why she is especially concerned about the state of her family’s mental health?

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]