Khloe Kardashian Rapidly Losing Weight: Competing With Kim For Title Of Skinniest ‘KUWTK’ Sister?

Khloe Kardashian’s weight continues to drop, and according to sources, the reality star doesn’t plan on stopping just yet.

Khloe left fans worried when she showed off her dramatic transformation in a set of photos on her official Instagram page, sparking concern from her millions of followers, who were under the clear impression that the 31-year-old had lost too much weight and needed to slow down.

Kardashian hit back at her critics, clarifying that she hasn’t been starving herself to get to her current physique, she’s just been exercising more than ever, while her diet is super clean and nutritious. She ended up concluding her statement by saying that she’s happy and healthy — people will hate when she’s too skinny or when she’s too big. She just can’t seem to win either way.

Hollywood Life adds more, stressing that if fans thought Khloe Kardashian was done with her weight loss plan, they are completely wrong because the TV personality has set herself yet another challenge. It’ll evidently see her become the skinniest she’s ever been in her life, though she has most likely already achieved that title with her current physique.

“Khloe’s still on a serious weight loss mission, she’s shrinking before everyone’s eyes and she’s not even close to done,” a source revealed. “When she started, she thought losing 40 pounds would be more than enough, but hitting her goal only made her want to lose more.”

The Daily Mail claims that Khloe is obsessed with working out. She rarely misses days with her personal trainers, who have helped her shed more close to 50 pounds in just under two years. While the process of being able to dedicate herself to regular workouts was a tough one, Khloe eventually adapted to the new lifestyle — so much that she just can’t get enough of it now.

An insider for Hollywood Life then goes on to claim that Khloe’s new goal is to fit into Kendall Jenner’s clothes, assuring herself that if she loses a couple of more pounds, she’ll definitely fit into the supermodel’s designer outfits without any problems.

“She’s lost almost 50 pounds now and she’s still working like crazy to lose more. Her goal is to fit into Kendall’s clothes. She used to be jealous of Kendall’s body but now she’s just inspired by her. Khloe’s life revolves around her workouts, she’s training like a fitness model and she’s never felt better.”

It was just last week when Kim Kardashian gushed how she has lost an astounding amount of weight herself, claiming to currently be the skinniest she has been in her life. Kim says that Khloe has definitely inspired her to stay on the healthy path and stop herself from indulging in junk food, including pizza, ice cream, and hamburgers.

Fans have wondered whether Khloe and Kim are now competing against one another, especially now that they have both surpassed their initial weight loss goals. Who will end up falling off their healthy routine first?

Some outlets believe it’ll be Kim, for the supposed fact that the 35-year-old plans to start trying for her third baby as early as next year, meaning that the reality star will be back to packing on the pounds. For now, however, Kim will enjoy her hard-earned skinny figure, as will Khloe.

What do you make of Khloe Kardashian wanting to lose even more weight in the near future?

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Allergan]