‘Alaskan Bush People’: Big Changes Coming Next Season

Rumors of Alaskan Bush People being cancelled have been circulating for weeks now, mostly because Discovery Channel has not announced its renewal. It seems that those rumors are not true, however, as reports of filming crews working in and around Hoonah, where the Alaskan Bush People family spend a lot of time, have surfaced in recent days on various websites, including the Bitbag. Other news about the Browns has recently emerged, specifically about Joshua (aka “Bam Bam”) Brown. Between the developments in Joshua’s life and the issues that Matt Brown is dealing with, Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People will likely see many changes from last year.

Let’s talk about the second eldest Alaskan Bush People child first — Joshua. There is talk that he is in love and may even be married. Who’s the recipient of his affection? Allison Kagan — one of the producers of ABP. As reported by Blasting News, Joshua has shared on social media that he has spent the last three weeks away from filming of Alaskan Bush People. He made a trip to New York City, and a photo of him sitting at a bar and eating with Kagan surfaced on his Facebook fan page.

Joshua acknowledged that he was able to make the trip because of the assistance of several Alaskan Bush People fans. Among those fans were Jeff the Chef, the Local 580 Iron Workers, and Sal’s Pizza in Little Italy. He looked very happy in photos from his trip, and acknowledged that he was there with Alli. He described the Alaskan Bush People producer as “a respecter of danger and my favorite person in the whole world.” Adding to the talk among fans that Joshua and Allison got married is a photo of him at a Paul McCartney concert with a fan. He has his left arm around her neck and a gold ring can be seen on his ring finger.

No one associated with the show has either confirmed or denied the rumors, but if they are true, it would certainly be big news in Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People and would impact the show in a big way.

One piece of Alaskan Bush People drama that has been confirmed is Matt Brown’s recent stint in rehab for alcohol abuse. In a scene that felt a bit forced and more than a little uncomfortable, father Billy approached Matt toward the end of last season, saying he seemed to have something on his mind lately and was looking “rough, really rough.” Matt denied it at the time, but after Joshua and Billy returned from serving their 30-day sentence, we saw Matt talk to brother, Gabe, about his alcohol struggle in one of the most honest scenes of Alaskan Bush People in all their seasons. It was obvious he felt weak and embarrassed, but his family appreciated his honesty and encouraged him to get whatever help he needed.

The last we saw about Matt and the rest of the Alaskan Bush People clan last season was parents Billy and Ami sitting on the shore waiting for him to return. That scene ended, as reported by TV Ruckus, with Matt choosing instead to remain in rehab and not return to the bush. Fans were left wondering whether he will return for Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People. If he doesn’t return, how will the show deal with his absence? If he does return, how will they deal with his alcohol problem and his time in rehab? Whether he returns or not, the impact on Alaskan Bush People will be big. It’s a fundamental change in the family itself, one that would be very difficult to ignore.

[Image via Discovery Channel]