Melissa Gorga Confronts Teresa Guidice On ‘Real Housewives’ Finale

Melissa Gorga went after her sister-in-law Teresa Guidice on the season 4 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, bringing an explosive climax to their growing family feud.

On Sunday’s episode, Gorga learned that Giudice teamed up with Kim DePaola to make it seem like Gorga was once a stripper US Weekly reported.

Tensions boiled over when Teresa Guidice pulled Melissa Gorga aside at the Porsche fashion show to ask how she knew Angelo Vrohidis, a man who claimed Gorga once danced for him at a strip club in New Jersey.

Gorga says she was only a bartender there.

“I never believed Melissa was a stripper, but it just seems like a coinkie-dink.” Giudice said later, after Gorga swore on her children she had never danced.

Vrohidis said he planned to “blow the whistle” on Melissa Gorga’s past, but the Real Housewives star thought there were more people in on the plan than just him.

“I can’t help but think Kim D had a huge part in this,” said an angry Gorga. “With Kim D setting me up, does Teresa mean to tell me she had noidea this was going on? I’m sorry, it’s not adding up.”

Gorga also couldn’t understand Teresa Guidice’s motivations in the plan.

“It’s so hard for me to put myself in Teresa’s shoes because I’d never try to hurt anybody,” Gorga told Us Weekly. “Maybe she thought my husband didn’t know that I worked there. Maybe she was trying to hurt my marriage. Maybe it will make her happy when everyone is as miserable is Teresa is. That’s a sick individual. It’s even sicker that she would put this on national TV.”

The party turned into a shouting match from there, and as E! Online noted, “Reality TV just got real, y’all.”

Who do you side with, Teresa Guidice or Melissa Gorga? Or neither?