Heartwarming Video Shows Dog Crying Out In Relief After Seeing Rescuers Coming For Help

A heartwarming video showing the rescue of a dog trapped inside a 50-feet deep dry well is going viral across many social media websites. According to The Daily Mail, the dog rescue video was shot near the Indian city of Udaipur by volunteers from Animals Aid Unlimited, an organization set up by an American family in India to help animals in trouble. In the video embedded below, the dog, later named Ruby, is seen trapped inside a dirty, dry well around 50 feet deep (15 meters). It remains unclear how the dog fell into the well. People nearby were alerted by the repeated howls from the dog, now thought to be desperate cries for help. Local residents then decided to call Animal Aid Unlimited who came to the spot with a group of volunteers and rescue equipment. They recorded the entire rescue operation, which was subsequently uploaded to their Facebook page and YouTube channel. The videos almost immediately went viral. As of now, the YouTube video has been watched by more than 400,000 people.

The three-minute video shows the volunteers arriving near the well following which they use their camera to check on Ruby. Upon sensing movement above her, the dog sees a glimmer of hope and starts yelping as if asking her rescuers to hurry up.

The video then shows one of the volunteers being lowered down into the well. The volunteer is wearing a camera on his helmet which manages to capture the entire rescue from close quarters. As the rescuer, later identified as Ganpat, approaches the dog, Ruby is seen wagging her tail as if she knows he is here to rescue her. The frightened Ruby offers no resistance as the rescuer wraps her in a blanket and then attempts to haul her up the well. Towards the end of the video, the rescuer Ganpat can be seen in pain as his shoulders press into the sharp edges of the well as another volunteer comes forward to take Ruby from his hands.

In a Facebook post detailing the rescue, Animal Aid Unlimited writes how the rescue operation went about. The Facebook post read as follows.

“We have no idea how Ruby could have survived this incredibly long fall. From the bottom of a 50 foot hole (a dry well) rose up the most plaintive cries for help. When our rescue crew arrived she literally sobs she’s so beside herself with emotion, as if she needed to share behind tears the whole of her terrible ordeal, the fear she must have felt while falling, the disastrous realization that she couldn’t get out…and above her, she weeps almost in disbelief, may be–…yes–it is help! Watch the strain on our rescuer Ganpat’s face in the final moments before Ruby is lifted from his shaking arms after he is rope lifted some 50 feet.”

The heartwarming video has received several comments from dog and animal lovers from across the globe praising the team for their dedication in saving the lives of these animals.

Dog rescue animal aid unlimited India

One of the commenters, Roxanne Ramirez wrote the following.

“I thank God everyday for organizations like this. Without them there would be so many animals dying alone, and scare. Without these organizations there would be animals never being able to experience Love, Trust and a loving arm around them. I pray all organizations dedicated to help and save animals continue to thrive and always have the resource to continue to help and support animals. We can all do our part if not being there physically to help, we can financially help. Its surprising how far $1 goes to make sure animals lives are saved and loved for.”

Animal Aid Unlimited was founded by Erika, Jim and Claire Abrams-Myers, who are originally from Seattle. They have dedicated their lives toward caring for animals in need in India and have been living in India for over 15 years.

[Image via Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube]