UFO Researcher: Top-Secret Alien Plan To Take Over Earth Nears Completion As Alien-Human Hybrids Infiltrate And Integrate Into Human Society [Video]

In an interview with the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, Temple University history professor and UFO-alien researcher, David M. Jacobs, revealed details of a clandestine program, a plan by evil alien species to takeover Earth and control humanity.

The professor shared details of the findings of his more than three decades research into the controversial Alien Abduction syndrome.

According to Jacobs, his lifelong research into alien abduction has forced him to the conclusion that an alien race has been implementing a clandestine and sinister program to create an alien-human hybrid race.

The program has now reached an advanced stage and alien hybrids are now being secretly integrated into human society. The alien hybrids, according to Jacobs, are able to live secretly in human society because they are superficially identical with humans.

Referencing previous controversial studies of the so-called Alien Abduction syndrome he had conducted in collaboration with noted investigators, such as Budd Hopkins and John Mack, psychiatry professor at Harvard University, Jacobs noted that the controversy generated by earlier studies has discouraged scholars from pursuing further research on alien abduction experience. Many scholars fear that being involved in alien abduction studies would harm their professional reputation.

Thus, after conducting pioneering but controversial research on alien abduction cases in collaboration with scholars, such as Hopkins, Mack and Elizabeth Slater, Jacobs found that members of the academia began avoiding the area of study while others tried to explain it away by referencing common psychological phenomena, such as sleep paralysis.

Other researchers, such as Ronald Siegel at the University of California, claimed that the strange experiences of alien abductees could be explained as due to the "normal hallucinatory powers of the brain."

Despite attempts to explain away alien abduction experiences, thousands of people continue to report being abducted by aliens every year and according to Jacobs, the biggest threat to humanity -- an attempt by covert malevolent alien forces to take over our world and enslave humanity -- is progressing toward completion, yet the whole world is unaware of it.

Jacobs claims that the successful completion of the plan to take over the world and enslave humanity is being facilitated by the fact that the new race of alien-human hybrids is superficially identical with humans. Thus, they are able to infiltrate and integrate into human society undetected.

Jacobs coined the terms "Hubrids" and "Security Hybrids," in reference to the alleged new race of alien-human hybrids.

His insight into their nature and goals comes from personal encounters.

Jacobs claims that after interviewing several alien abductees he began developing methods to overcome mind control codes implanted to make alien abductees forget their traumatic experiences during abduction.

He was able to decipher the alien mind control program and break into the subconscious levels where he found layers of security codes that block alien abductees from recalling their experiences and sharing them with researchers.

As he struggled to pick the locks of the mind control systems, he apparently triggered embedded alarm systems that signaled to the "Security Hybrids" that someone was trying to gain unauthorized access.

A Reptliian alien
Reptilian aliens are developing alien-human hybrids to takeover the world [Image via Shutterstock]When the "Security Hybrids" became aware of his work they tried to stop him through threats.

But despite the threats, Jacobs was able to unlock the memories of several alien abductees and uncover deep secrets about the nature of the traumatizing experiences they went through during abduction.

Jacobs noted that the recurrence of sexual reproductive elements in the testimonies of alien abductees was the first hint of the biological reproductive, hybridization and genetic engineering motives underlying alien abductions.

The apparent obsession of aliens with human reproductive functions and the details of the testimonies of alien abductees indicated that aliens were involved in a genetic hybridization program to create a new race of alien-human hybrids, according to Jacobs.

Although, making abductees forget their abduction experiences could be explained partly by the need to prevent recollection of traumatizing events, probably the more important motive for aliens was the need to keep their hybridization project secret.

Alien abductee
Aliens implant mind control codes into the minds of abductees to make them forget the traumatic experiences they went through [Image via Shutterstock]Alien conspiracy theory folklore generally asserts that humans were created by aliens and that they are still being genetically manipulated by aliens. It is claimed that humans are descended from alien species through genetic manipulation. According to alien folklore, humans are derived from alien species that originated from the Lyra constellation.

The Lyrans are genetically related to the Pleiadians or Nordic Aliens, both being humanoid species.

Humans and Pleiadians share a common ancestral line in the Lyrans. During a period of war, millions of years ago, some Lyrans escaped from their planet in the Lyra constellation and moved to the Pleiades star cluster region. But others traveled through space and discovered Earth about 200,000 years ago.

The Lyrans that settled in the Pleiades system evolved and became known as the Pleiadian or Nordic aliens. They evolved rapidly and became spiritually advanced. But Lyrans who settled on Earth failed to evolve spiritually. This was because the Lryans fell under the power of the Reptilian alien race that arrived on Earth at least 600,000 years before them.

Humans, according to conspiracy theorists, evolved from Lyrans through genetic engineering manipulation of their DNA by the evil Reptilians, a war-like, blood-thirsty and shape-shifting species that originated from the Alpha Draconis star system in the Orion constellation.

Most humans have about five percent Reptilian blood but some, especially members of the European royal families, are 50 percent Reptilian. This, according to conspiracy theorists, explains why Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is able to shape-shift.

Reptilians live in extensive and sophisticated underground bases because they are unable to adapt to life on the surface of Earth. But when the Lyrans arrived on Earth, Reptilians hatched a sinister plan to implement a genetic hybridization program that involved inserting their genes into the Lyrans to develop Reptilian hybrids capable of adapting to conditions on the surface of the Earth.

The goal was to create an advanced alien-human Reptilian hybrid species that would form the elite classes of humanity.

It is the element of Reptilian blood in human beings that accounts for the evil aspects of human nature, such as war-likeness.

It is believed that evil alien Reptilians and Grays are nearing completion of the program to insert the full complement of their DNA in the human genome and alter human DNA to create a new alien-human hybrid species.

The aliens hope that their implanted genes would spread rapidly in human populations until humanity is overwhelmed and taken over by the aliens.

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