Drake Publicly Professes His Love For Rihanna, So Why Are They Still Keeping Their Relationship A Secret?

In a surprising move, Drake all but confirmed his relationship with Rihanna.

While Drake confessed his love for Rihanna, they have yet to officially announce their relationship. Why are they still keeping things private?

According to OK Magazine, rumors of Drake's love for Rihanna surfaced back in 2009. Rihanna has never acknowledged their romance, but that didn't stop Drake for confessing his love.

Before Drake's public confession, Rihanna joined him in Canada for OVO Fest. The singer was performing in Paris for her Anti-World Tour and flew to Sweden after spending time with Drake at the event.

Then, while performing in New York City last weekend, Drake told the crowd just how much he likes Rihanna.

"If you've got love for Rihanna in New York City...cuz you know I've got love for Rihanna," he told fans.
While it is clear that Rihanna doesn't want to make their relationship public knowledge, that might change in the near future.

"She's starting to think they're meant to be, and the fact she's finally being attracted to kindness and love [versus Chris Brown's bad boy tendencies] is a huge sign that she's growing up," an insider shared.

Before allegedly hooking up with Drake, Rihanna dated Brown before the couple decided to part ways in 2009 after he was famously charged with assaulting her.

Drake Wants To Get Rihanna Pregnant -- Says He'll 'Go Half On A Baby'
Rihanna and Drake get pretty close performing together. [Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]Rihanna has been linked with a number of different men since her breakup with Brown, with Drake being the most prominent.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life is reporting that Drake also touched on his love during their concert together in Canada.

"We might have to go half on a baby!" Drake told Rihanna after he brought her on stage.

This isn't the first time Drake and Rihanna have faced relationship rumors. In fact, the pair has been subject to similar rumors throughout the past couple of years.

Despite the rumors, neither Drake nor Rihanna have officially confirmed or denied their romance.

Of course, Drake has never made a love confession in public like he did last weekend. Is this a sign that they will finally take their romance public in the coming weeks?

It still isn't clear if Drake and Rihanna are actually dating, let alone whether or not they will announce a relationship.

While Drake's confession hints of a romance with the singer, Rihanna wasn't the only person Drake flirted with on stage.

According to Page Six, Drake flirted with a few different women in the crowd.

Does this mean that Drake is a single man?

"Where's all my New York women tonight at, cuz I've got a night off after this," Drake told the audience during his concert.

Drake's concert in New York was packed with celebrity appearances. In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio, Odell Beckham Jr., and Johnny Manziel were all reportedly on hand and even attended an afterparty.

Drake & Rihanna Accused Of Dating For Publicity
Rihanna and Drake [Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images]The party was held backstage at the Virginia Black whiskey lounge.

Apart from expressing this love for Rihanna, Music Times is reporting that Drake also invited New York Knicks star Derrick Rose on stage for fans to enjoy.

"I was able to make one phone call so I'm gonna stay onstage tonight, but there's one guy that you gotta thank for that," Drake explained. "I just wanna know if New York City could just make some noise for him one time because I feel like this is the guy that you need to thank for me standing on stage tonight."

Drake continued: "He goes by the name of Derrick Rose, by the way, just in case you didn't know."

With Rihanna back on her tour, it's unclear if she will address the latest rumors about her relationship with Drake.

Tell us! Do you think Rihanna and Drake will ever go public with their relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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