Demi Lovato Is Over? Why Fans Are Lashing Out At The Singer

If you see the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty trending in the U.S. on Twitter on early Saturday morning, Aug. 13, there is a reason why. Even though most are confused why the topic is trending, it looks like the pop star has upset her fans.

According to a new report via the Telegraph, Lovato, 23, upset her fans by sharing a video of her mother, Dianna Hart, joking about the Zika virus.

Demi took to Snapchat to share a clip of her mom drinking alcohol and saying, "Everybody down in Rio gonna get the Zika virus."

Lovato is heard laughing uncontrollably in the background. In addition, she added three laughing emojis to her Snapchat video.Fans were irate over Demi's latest Snapchat video, so they made #DemiLovatoIsOverParty trend on Twitter. They also hit back at her mom for making an insensitive joke about such a serious virus, which causes birth defects in babies and has affected most of North and South America. This virus has also had an effect on the Olympic games in Rio.

This hashtag comes just weeks after Taylor Swift received a public lashing on Twitter following Kim Kardashian's Snapchat videos of a conversation between her and Kanye West about his controversial track "Famous," in which she gave him permission to use her name before dropping the song. Both of the hashtags, #KimExposedTaylorParty and #TaylorSwiftExposedParty, trended on Twitter. Meanwhile, others took to Swift's Instagram account to write a series of snake emojis, insinuating she's a snake in the grass.

But, now fans are disappointed to see that Lovato would joke about the Zika virus, especially when she's so open and honest about mental health issues.

"That is just rude. Does Demi not know that the Zika virus affects women and babies development. How is the Zika virus something that should be made fun of like laughing at people who have diseases such as diabetes," one fan wrote.

"Zika isn't a joke exactly like mental diseases aren't. Your fans are disappointed," another added.

But, there are some fans defending their idol. Some are arguing that Lovato shouldn't be blamed for an ill-advised joke that her mom made.

"You can't blame for something she didn't do. she didn't make the joke, it was her mum. y'all are so pathetic," that fan wrote.

Lovato has not responded to the hashtag or the controversy. Interestingly enough, Lovato's infamous Snapchat video has yet to surface on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. So far, there are only photos of the incident on an article published on The Mirror.

There is some other bad news in store for Demi. She took to Snapchat to post a concerning photo, according to a new report via J-14. This photo showed Demi's black suede over-the-knee boots with the caption, "Sprained ankle…"

Demi Lovato
[Photo Courtesy of Demi Lovato/Snapchat]This mishap comes in the middle of her "Future Now Tour" with Nick Jonas. Since these latest Snapchat posts, Lovato has been kind of quiet. It's unclear whether or not Lovato will have to cancel her upcoming dates or if she will work through the sprain.

These latest string of posts come after she tried to quit social media and failed. Earlier on in the summer, the "Stone Cold" singer wrote a series of tweets stating that she will no longer use Twitter or Instagram, but that she will continue to use Snapchat because she doesn't receive any negative comments, according to People. However, that has all changed now that Demi is still faced with some hate over her latest Snapchat post.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Demi Lovato should be blamed for a joke her mother made? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]