Joe Budden Details Drake Beef, Ends Up Walking Out Of Interview With 'Ebro In The Morning'

The beef between Joe Budden and Drake has been tense, and there are some who still don't understand it.

With this in mind, the Slaughterhouse rapper dropped by the Ebro In The Morning radio show to discuss the specifics as to how and why the beef is going down. Complex reports that Budden wanted to break down the beef with Drake. It's hard not to see the sparks that are flying between the two rappers, but Joe Budden appears to be the most visible and audible party of the two.

If you look back on the track record between Drake and Budden, it appeared to have started over Drake indirectly addressing Joe. Of course, it could be argued as nothing more than speculation that brought Budden to start throwing flames in the OVO rapper's direction. The Ebro In The Morning interview included Joe Budden, Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, Laura Stylez, and co-host to Budden's Podcast I'll Name This Podcast Later Marisa Mendez.

The meeting was highly anticipated, as fans who are looking from the sidelines seem to believe that Budden could be entertaining a beef that truly had no reason to be this big. Ignoring the fact that Eminem may be creeping in the shadows on Drizzy, perhaps because Budden is signed under him, Joe's contribution to the matter is his criticism of Drake's character and his Views album.

Joe Budden weighed in on his beef with Drake, giving his opinion on the ongoing beef.

"I mean, it's been a non-issue for me. It's been dead for me. At this point, it's the fans and the media keeping this going. I don't have any more bars for him…well I do," Budden states.

Joe Budden's words are backed by the fact that he has yet to release the alleged direct messages that Drake sent him in recent reports. We've seen diss tracks from Budden on a consistent basis, but Drake appears to be largely quiet outside of taking shots at Joe through media and on-stage. If what Budden says is true in regards to Drake's personal messages, who knows what the Toronto native has in store.

Ebro had words for Drake, though it's clear that his joke about Drake and Eminem going at it didn't help the situation. His focus was on Drake's mention that his show in Madison Square Garden was "the real Summer Jam."

"What have they done for New York lately?" Ebro asks.

"Look, I enjoyed the promo. There wasn't a second in here that I didn't laugh about it," Ebro states. "It wasn't until you want to bring up Summer Jam and talk about what we do for the city that I am even going to give you a rib shot and tell you 'relax' and warn you 'congratulations, you played yourself' if you think you've done anything in the zone to what this brand and Summer Jam has done for New York City and hip-hop. But it's love."

Clearly, Drake is ruffling feathers with where he chooses to take his shots.

There's also the matter of other hip hop artists joining in with the beef between Drake and Joe. SupportOnlineHipHop reports that araabMuzik is on board with Budden, applauding his shots at the "Hotline Bling" rapper.

araabMuzik weighed in on Budden's diss tracks, indicating that he stands behind the Slaughterhouse rapper in his actions.

"All of that just happened right there. I already had the beats made obviously. It's not like I made them on the spot as they had already been done. It was just about picking the right track to do the damage on. Those tracks fit the theme of what was going on. All the diss tracks were all good money. They all got millions of millions of views and they got him the attention."

Despite what appears to be the upper hand he suggests he has, Joe Budden is no stranger to being under fire. The Ebro In The Morning interview turned sour when he was approached about firing Marisa Mendez via text, which he responded to by walking out shortly after feeling that he was being attacked.

"Next time I come here for an interview, send my manager the talk points," Budden said alongside his exit.

Budden will be releasing an album, Rage & The Machine, with araabMuzik.

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