August 12, 2016
Erik Prince, Navy SEAL, Tells How To End ISIS, Explains Why Trump's Bankruptcies Make Him A Better Candidate

Erik Prince, founder of the security firm Blackwater and a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, appeared on the most recent edition of conservative Milo Yiannopoulos' podcast and shared some ideas about how to end ISIS and why Donald Trump's four bankruptcies make him a better candidate.

It should be noted, full disclosure, that Prince is a Trump supporter and strongly against the prospects of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

He has also contributed to Yiannopoulos' employer Breitbart before. Therefore, some of his ideas are likely to be controversial.

Yiannopoulos asked Erik Prince to share his three-point plan for destroying ISIS, and he was only too happy to oblige, commenting that the first thing to do is to destroy ISIS' caliphate first because it "gives them legitimacy."

"They believe in creating an earthly kingdom that they dominate and want to expand to control the rest of the civilized world," he said, adding that taking that away from them means "no land that they govern, nothing they can control."

To do that, U.S. or NATO forces would need to "crush their conventional combat capability."

Secondly, Erik Prince believes that taking away their money will be important and that starts with seizing control of their land.

"That way they're not making money on oil, artifacts, hostage taking, and extortion like they do now." Still, he said, that would not stop radical Islamist billionaires from funneling in cash.

To stop that, Prince recommends bringing back the CIA's controversial "Phoenix Program," which served as a "very effective root canal" against the Viet Cong and Communist insurgency.

"It's obvious the guys who keep funding radical causes, who keep sending weapons to the hardcore forces in the Middle East -- it's got to stop -- if some of these guys went missing, then a lot of them would get the message," Prince said. "But our civilized society has never taken a hard line against that. It's got to be kill or capture for that."

Finally, Erik Prince believes that to beat ISIS, America and its allies have to start winning the cyber wars. He says that ISIS is using the internet to "recruit mentally ill, crazy people who think they can atone for their problems in life by doing some type of atrocity."

To win the cyber wars, Prince said, servers have to be taken down and the U.S. has to start targeting where ISIS messaging originates.

Of Blackwater's involvement in the development and execution of such a plan, Erik Prince said that something would be "fully baked by the time the next administration comes on board."

He said he does not believe the Obama administration "has proven it has any real stomach to end this," and that as a citizen of western civilization, he is "sick and tired of waking up every other day... and hearing of someone else that's been slaughtered by some evil Jihadists."

In another segment of the interview with Milo, Prince touched on why he liked Donald Trump as a candidate over Hillary Clinton, and in doing so, he pointed to an unusual plus.

Donald Trump's bankruptcies.

For Prince, they show a man who has tried and failed and found successes in spite of those failures.

"I like the fact that Donald Trump has been in the private sector and has had to make payroll," he added.

That said, coming from a Navy SEAL like Erik Prince, do you agree with his plan for destroying ISIS, and do you see the bankruptcies of Trump in the same light? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image of Erik Prince, center, via Miller Center | Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY 2.0]