Amal Clooney And Angelina Jolie Feuding?

Rumors have been swirling around a number of A-list couples lately. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been in the headlines for an apparent rocky patch in their relationship that has since been proven to be non-existent. Additionally, Amal Clooney and her movie star husband, George Clooney, have been the subject of unpleasant gossip. Amal was rumored to be pregnant on several occasions, and the couple was supposed to be constantly fighting. However, the endless rumors about George and Amal were all proven false.

Interestingly enough, the most recent tale was focused on the women in these famous unions. That's right; it was reported that Angelina and Amal were feuding. Over what? Well, both women have impressive track records. Amal is a notable human rights lawyer who has tackled many high profile cases. Angelina is a representative for the United Nations and has been sent on countless missions on the behalf of the organization, mainly for the purpose of advocating for refugees in the face of a crisis.

However, the issue that was reportedly ruffling feathers between the two revolves around an opportunity that Clooney was offered. Last year, Amal taught a semester of International Human Rights Law at Columbia University. Jolie was allegedly envious of Amal's successes as a barrister and was supposedly attempting to prove she was more successful than Amal by planting rumors in the press for websites and tabloids to feed on. The story was pushed by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, and the publication seemed to have little to no evidence to go on in regards to the matter. The publication also insisted that Jolie had planted a false story that she would be teaching at Georgetown University this fall in order to one up Clooney.

Gossip Cop shared that Angelina Jolie would have no reason to be jealous of a teaching gig at a prestigious university as she already had a teaching position at the London School of Economics alongside prominent British politician, William Hague.

The hard working investigators at Gossip Cop searched for the truth on the subject, and their reps shared that the story was most definitely false.

"Regardless of the outlet's story making little sense, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the situation, who exclusively tells us Jolie didn't "plant" the inaccurate Georgetown report, nor are she and Amal in any sort of feud. We're assured the webloid's entire tale is simply 'not true.'"
The celebrity gossip policing site has been active in setting the tabloid rumors straight on a number of occasions after scandal mongers had stirred up inaccurate claims about Angelina and Brad, as well as rumors about George Clooney and Amal. Feuds have been reported on numerous occasions between Angelina and Amal. Since Brad and George are good pals, the tabloids just can't resist making false claims that the women must be competitive.After the claims about Angelina Jolie possibly teaching at Georgetown, the university's representative spoke with Just Jarred to shut down this untruth that Celebrity Dirty Laundry cooked up.

Rachel Pugh spoke to the publication, stating, "We enjoy a partnership with the London School of Economics as part of that work, where Angelina Jolie and William Hague are scheduled to teach a class in the fall. There are no current plans for Ms. Jolie to teach at Georgetown."

The representative did share that she would be more than happy to have Angelina Jolie visit and teach at the school at any time. Angelina is focused on her duty to lecture at the London School of Economics. It's clear that both Amal and Angelina are extremely intelligent women, and they are admired for their accomplishments. While it is natural for the tabloids to falsely pit them against each other, the rumors are simply not true.

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