Katy Perry CoverGirl: Shows New Commercial, Gets Sued By Hard Candy

Katy Perry's latest CoverGirl campaign went from its highest high to its lowest low in the span of a few days.

Katy Perry, 31, is actively promoting her CoverGirl line amid a lawsuit, according to a Billboard report. In late July, Perry took to Twitter to share a sneak peek of her CoverGirl commercial advertising her new Katy's Kat Eye mascara in a choice of "very Perry black" and "very Perry blue," along with her Katy Kat matte lipstick.

Fans will be delighted with this ad. It shows the singer dressed up in a sexy black latex bodysuit complete with cat ears. Perry also dons purple lace gloves, black painted nails, purple eyeliner, and nude lipstick. She also released a new making-of video for her collaboration with the beauty brand. Check out Perry's CoverGirl videos below.

And, here's a preview of the upcoming commercials you will see in the following months.
Now, for the bad news. Hard Candy Cosmetics is reportedly suing Katy Perry and CoverGirl's parent company, Proctor & Gamble. They're claiming copyright infringement on the Katy Kat Collection's logo. Hard Candy Cosmetics claims that both logos use black all-caps text along with a heart, making them look similar in design, according to a recent report via TMZ. Hard Candy wants the Katy Kat Collection to be pulled from the stores and a cut of the profits.
Perry's line with CoverGirl just launched a few months ago. Back in April, it launched under the name CoverGirl Katy Kat Collection with two matte lipsticks and 13 mascaras. However, the problem is not the products, but the logo, according to Gossip Cop. All of the products in the line are branded with Perry's name, which is why the pop star is also involved in the lawsuit.

Hard Candy argues that their brand has been trademarked for well over 10 years. In the lawsuit, Perry is not named as one of the defendants even though she's still involved.

Earlier this year, the entertainer spoke to Vogue about her new line with CoverGirl. She said that she was involved with the process of creating her products, including the branding.

"I wanted to push the envelope with CoverGirl. You know, a black lipstick or a blue mascara is very Tumblr – I told them, this is what's happening online, this is what everyone's Instagramming."

Perry didn't speak out about the logo, although the publication added, "The soft white packaging, too, was Perry's personal choice."

Perry first teased about her CoverGirl collaboration during her trip to Coachella. She told Vogue that there would be more colors and more themes to come.

"We'll pick a theme for each day—one day we'll be romantic Lolitas, the next day we'll be vampires—and I'll match my lipstick to that theme," she explained.

In the rest of the interview, Perry revealed that she's been experimenting with makeup ever since she was a little girl and that she gets most of her inspiration from Tumblr. She also divulged on her favorite lipstick, her babydoll mascara technique, and her favorite product out of the entire Katy Kat Collection.

The media has reached out for comment about the CoverGirl lawsuit. Neither CoverGirl nor Perry have spoken out about these claims. The brand has still been actively promoting her line on their official Instagram page. The pop star recently made headlines for her recent trip to Italy and France with boyfriend Orlando Bloom, who opted to go nude not once -- but twice -- on a public beach.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]