'Alaskan Bush People' Family Drama: Twila Feels Less Loved Than The Browns' Dog?

Alaskan Bush People might be back for a second season, but for now, fans are still waiting for official word. In the meantime, there's a constant scramble for any news related to the show. Earlier this week, a mild controversy was stirred up by a Facebook post made by Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown's eldest daughter, Twila Byars (sometimes known as Twila Wilson).

According to the brief message, Twila laments that she ranks after the Browns' beloved pet Mr. Cupcake.

It's a very loaded statement in and of itself, one that could have multiple meanings. Does Twila feel her Alaskan Bush People family care more about the dog than they do her? Does she feel the dog is more popular with Alaskan Bush People fans than she is?

In response to sympathetic comments, the allegedly long-lost daughter of Billy Brown admitted that she suspected her estranged family's cats also rank above her.

"Ranking by default," said Twila, "Yeah...me."

At this point, it's hard to grasp whether Twila is being self-deprecating and non-serious about her supposed rank among the Brown family. She might feel some genuine sadness, or she could just be taking her connection to Alaskan Bush People in stride. It can be tough accurately identifying emotions via social media posts.

As for what led to the Facebook comment, it appears Byars was reacting to a post on the official Alaskan Bush People page.

Twila couldn't help but notice that the other Brown children were all there -- as was Mr. Cupcake. There was apparently no room for Twila or desire to mention her. In her defense, the move is slightly odd. The most recent season of Alaskan Bush People finally acknowledged her existence. Twila was flown out to Browntown for what was the first on-camera meeting with her father, Billy Brown and the rest of the Wolf Pack.

Although the show played up the "long-lost daughter" angle, Radar Online soon after revealed that the two had been in contact over the years. Sources told the gossip site that the relationship between Twila and her father is a bit strained at times.

"Though Twila appeared to be happy to meet her long-lost father and his family, sources claim she 'harbors a lot of anger toward him.' 'She says he was a horrible father,' the friend claims."
Despite those claims, it appeared that a recent reconnection through Alaskan Bush People might have healed rumored wounds. The Inquisitr also previously reported that Twila has allegedly joined the Browns during their trip to Hawaii.
Despite Twila's introduction and off-camera reunion, it seems that for now, the Discovery Channel has no interest in acknowledging her as a member of the Brown family or cast member of Alaskan Bush People.

The forgotten sibling doesn't seem to be all that upset about this.

"[It's] not making me mad at all...It's just weird, and puts things in perspective," she explained.

The perspective is that Alaskan Bush People waited five seasons to let the world know Twila existed, and after it did, "omitted" her, putting Mr. Cupcake in her place.

However Byars may react publicly, other observers would look at the Alaskan Bush People and Browns' treatment of Twila and admit that any hard feelings could be somewhat justified.

With Alaskan Bush People rumored to have resumed filming for its sixth season, the reaction by Twila does raise an interesting question: Will the show acknowledge her existence any further? Alaskan Bush People dedicated much of its entire fourth season to "bear trouble" in Browntown.
Then in Season 5, these animals were mentioned once or twice in passing. We can only hope that by comparison, Alaskan Bush People demonstrates a bit more sensitivity to matters of family in the future.

UPDATE 5:18a.m. H/T to the Alaskan Bush People: Exposed group.

[Image via the Discovery Channel]