Jaden Smith Still Alive And Thriving, Despite Persistent Suicide Rumors -- Is Death Hoax A Publicity Stunt? [Video]

Jaden Smith, the 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, has been the target of a vile and pervasive internet death hoax for weeks now. The newly-adult superstar was declared to have committed suicide a couple of weeks ago, and not surprisingly, Jaden Smith fans reacted to the shocking news with tears and disbelief.

Fortunately for Jaden's fans, they were right to be skeptical. Jaden is alive and well. And those "Jaden Smith suicide" headlines that were floating around Facebook? Nothing but self-perpetuating click-bait, reports the Morning Ledger. Indeed, reports that Jaden Smith is not dead have been rolling in almost since the moment that the rumors of his suicide hit social media and snowballed, but people are still being fooled by the persistent death hoax and suicide rumors.

Things have gotten so bad for Jaden Smith that a fake "goodbye" video was recently released. In it, Jaden reportedly tells his dad Will Smith "so long" before hanging himself.

However, like the death rumors that began cycling weeks ago, the suicide video is just another cruel, attention-grabbing hoax.

Just when it seems that the people behind the Jaden Smith death hoax rumors couldn't go any lower (they are, after all, dogging a successful young teen with pervasive rumors that he's killed himself), new rumors have begun to circulate. Rumors that suggest that Jaden Smith and his famous father, Will, might have had something to do with getting the suicide rumors started in cyber space in the first place.
After all, this is a pretty big month for Will Smith. He's starring in a huge summer blockbuster, Suicide Squad, and despite the flick's humongous box office success, it's been a few years since the elder Smith has drawn out the summer movie-goers in droves. Not to mention that the Suicide Squad story line isn't the best known in the DC comic universe. The rumors of Jaden Smith's suicide have sent some much-needed attention to the famous Hollywood family.

As FX News Call reports, the Jaden Smith suicide rumors hit the mill at a big time in Jaden's life, too. While Jaden recently spent some time alongside Will helping his pop promote Suicide Squad(and what is the likelihood that someone would randomly make up a Jaden Smith suicide when Will was starring in a movie with the word "suicide" in the title?), Jaden Smith is in the midst of promoting his own high-profile, big budget project this month.

Jaden is starring in the much-anticipated Netflix original series The Get Down. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, the upcoming streaming series reportedly cost a whopping $120 million to produce, and Jaden Smith is one of the series' biggest draws. The young Mr. Smith has been promoting The Get Down all over his social media accounts, and undoubtedly the attention his suicide hoax has garnered has only helped promote the soon-to-be-released series.
While the timing of the Jaden Smith death hoax seems almost too good to be true from a career standpoint, Jaden's fans have understandably been concerned with the teen's well-being since the suicide rumors began. After all, even though the rumors of his death came at a pretty opportune time for his career (and his dad's), they also came at a tumultuous time in Jaden's personal life.

Even though Jaden Smith just turned 18 on July 8, the teen has been dating an older woman for a year now. His lady love is 21-year-old Sarah Snyder, and the aspiring young model has a bit of a shady past herself. She's been accused of grand theft and has reportedly been shunned by some big-name fashion houses because of it. Not only that, Snyder has a well-documented history of rumored drug use and there have been a lot of questions regarding whether she's the best thing for a rising young star.

Within the last couple of weeks, Jaden Smith's long-time girlfriend has also been the subject of some pretty pervasive rumors. In her case, the rumor mill insists that she's been cheating on her young lover, and a photographer "friend" tweeted then deleted a photo that supposedly proved it. In the pic, Snyder and her photog pal are seen getting cozy in bed together.
The Jaden Smith suicide rumors started at about the same time as the compromising pic was tweeted then deleted, causing fans to seriously worry about his well-being and even his life.

It's impossible to say who started the Jaden Smith suicide rumors, but because they are nothing but a (some say "well timed") hoax, concerned fans can relax and rest assured that Jaden Smith is still alive and well and doing what Jaden Smith does.

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