Sofia Richie Growing Up Too Fast? Why Nicole May Be 'Freaking Out'

Fans have been wondering who Sofia Richie is after she was linked to Justin Bieber. The 17-year-old is the daughter of legendary musician Lionel Richie and the little sister of reality star Nicole Richie.

So, who is Sofia Richie? Let's get some of these important facts out of the way. What you should know about Nicole Richie's sister is that she is a model. Sofia is currently signed on with Madonna's junior clothing line called Material Girl, according to People Magazine.

Of course, Sofia looks up to her older sister as her style icon. She revealed to People Magazine why she turns to Nicole for style advice.
"She's really honest. Other people are afraid to hurt your feelings, so they'll tell you something's cute when it isn't, but she'll be like, 'No, discard that.'"
Sofia currently has over 1 million Instagram followers. She has received even more likes now that she has been linked to Justin Bieber.

According to, Sofia refers to herself as a "Daddy's girl" on her Facebook page. She also claims that she has a curfew, even if you don't believe it. Sofia says she has time to go out with her friends, even though she has to be home by 11 p.m., according to a previous report, via International Business Times.

But, that hasn't stopped her from seeing a nearly 30-year-old man. According to the Daily Mail, Sofia was last linked to Manchester City footballer Samir Nasri when they were spotted leaving the West Hollywood hot spot 1OAK nightclub in late July. Sofia was seen holding hands with the much older man as they left the venue on a Thursday night.

She was photographed wearing a black tank top with black skinny jeans and matching stilettos. Meanwhile, the athlete wore a black satin bomber jacket with gold piping, which he paired with black ripped jeans and a black T-shirt. Sofia and Samir made their way to his Rolls Royce after celebrating his 29th birthday.

After the two were seen together, Samir's ex-girlfriend, Anara Antanes, says she feels "betrayed." Anara introduced Sofia to Samir when they were dating. A friend told The Sun that she can't believe that he went behind her back and dated Sofia.

"She feels totally betrayed by Sophia. She has gone to Samir behind her back and didn't have the guts to tell her about it. Now she is worried about just what else has been going on, and for how long. The feelings are very bitter and this has caused an awkward chasm among their celeb pals. Anara regarded Sofia has her younger sister, now they are broken."
In an interview with ES Magazine, Sofia revealed how her sister, Nicole, warned her about the influence of drugs and alcohol in Hollywood.
"People look at me thinking, 'Oh you are probably going through the same thing. Nicole says, 'Don't let people pressure you to do what they think is cool, like taking drugs. Be true to yourself."
Meanwhile, an alleged friend spoke to Hollywood Life about how Sofia's been avoiding the temptation. But, she admits that the teenager often hangs out with people who are too old for her.
"Sofia is keeping a solid head on her shoulders and refuses to get carried away in the five seconds of fame that surround whoever Justin's dating. Sofia runs with a much older crowd, most of her close friends are in their 20's and some are even in their 30's so the age difference between her and Justin really isn't a big deal in her world."
Rumors were swirling that Nicole was getting freaked out at Sofia's close relationship with Justin. But, another insider told Hollywood Life that she's not worried because she knows that nothing serious is going on between them. She knows that they are just two kids having fun. However, Justin is 22, while Sofia is clearly still underage.

And, Sofia went against her father's wishes by getting into the music industry. She told Teen Vogue, via Capital FM, that she really wants to follow her father's footsteps, even if it goes against his wishes. Lionel has been opening himself up to the idea though and even helped her get singing lessons.

"I'm always in the studio with my dad. I've written a few songs. I'll start off writing rhymes, then freestyles, then I add in beats. He takes me to the studio for voice lessons, and we write together. He's really cool. He's one of my best friends."
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