Ning Zetao: Despite Struggling At ‘2016 Olympics’ In Rio, Swimmer Still Admired As Hottest Male Athlete Competing

At this moment, the 2016 Olympics in Rio are taking place. As of the publication of this article, it is currently the sixth day out of 16 days of sporting events. Though many viewers of the 2016 Olympics usually watch to see if the athletes of their respective countries will take home a gold medal, there are other ulterior motives to watch the event. Sometimes, the athletes themselves are just so entertaining, viewers just can’t get enough of seeing of them. For example, Fu Yuanhui is quickly becoming the 2016 Olympics’ most lovable athlete for her adorableness, which was first seen during an interview after placing in the preliminaries for the 100 meter backstroke.

The aforementioned reasons for watching the 2016 Olympics are overall understandable or at least innocent, but we cannot ignore some watch for a more carnal reason. Like it or not, some of the sporting events have the athletes wearing uniforms or outfits that turn them into eye candy, especially certain women’s events like gymnastics and volleyball. Male athletes cannot escape such prying eyes, too. For instance, Ning Zetao is admired for his handsome looks and chiseled body. Zetao at least has that to fall back on, because he is not doing so well at the 2016 Olympics.

China National Swimming Championships, China, swimming, Ning Zetao
Prior to the '2016 Olympics' in Rio, Ning Zetao was an accomplished swimmer in his country. At the China National Swimming Championships, Zetao won a gold medal for the men's 50 meter freestyle. [Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images]

For starters, it should be noted that Ning Zetao, a competitive swimmer from China, has been making waves in the sport of swimming since he won the men’s 100 meter freestyle event at the 2015 World Championships. According to DramaFever, Zetao — who is 23-years-old entering into the 2016 Olympics — has remained on top of his game, with many believing he was a strong competitor at winning a medal.

Ning Zetao, 2016 Olympics, Rio Olympics
Despite being a strong competitor in swimming, Ning Zetao failed to qualify for the finals in the men's 100 meter freestyle. [Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images]

Unfortunately for Ning Zetao, the dream is over at least for now. According to CRI English News, Zetao failed to reach the final of the men’s 100 meter freestyle at the semifinals. He placed sixth in his semifinals with a clocked time of 48.37. To be fair, Zetao would have a chance to get to the finals if by happenstance, all the other swimmers in the other semifinals did worse than 48.37, yet that happening is improbable. Overall, Zetao finished in 12th. Still, Ning Zetao is keeping a positive attitude despite failing.

“I’m really happy and satisfied. It is not easy, every step of the way. I’m very proud to be here at the Olympic Games.”

Just like his fellow swimming mate from his country, Fu Yuanhui, Ning Zetao has a lot to look forward to outside of swimming. True, he is not a medalist at the 2016 Olympics, but he is probably the one male athlete most women are going crazy over. The Daily Mail reports that the internet is going crazy over the heartthrob, both online netizens and the media.

It is safe to say that Ning Zetao’s handsomely boyish looks and his Adonis-like, chiseled body would make him highly favored for modeling gigs. Zetao knows this and has posed for numerous Chinese magazines, including ELLE Men and GQ. Zetao also has spokesperson duties — he is the spokesperson for Skullcandy, China and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., FitBit China, Gilette China, De Beers China, and clothing designed by Alexander Wang.

Currently in the 2016 Olympics, we are on Day 6 of sporting events. Events taking place today includes golf, equestrian, and badminton. Future sporting events, over the course of ten more days, will include canoe sprint, marathon swimming, Taekwondo, track and field, wrestling, volleyball, and handball.

[Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images]