Chad Johnson Brands Evan Bass A DeadBeat Dad Who Went Bankrupt

Is Evan Bass a deadbeat dad who went on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise for fame? That’s what Chad Johnson suggested on Twitter on Wednesday. Chad taunted Evan with some information that he found on the internet that claims that he’s a deadbeat dad to his three children and who really just wants to be famous. Chad also wrote that Evan filed for bankruptcy a few years back.

What proof does Chad, who competed with Evan for JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette and then also went on the spin-off but got kicked out of both shows early, have? Chad included a link to a Reddit forum that discusses what a woman claiming to be Evan’s ex-wife wrote about him in another forum.

The link to the other forum, Bachelor & Bachelorette Spoiler Fans, goes to a page that contains a comment about Evan that was supposedly written by his ex-wife.

“As most of you have now noticed yes my ex husband is on the bachelorette. I’ve been overwhelmed with messages asking how I feel about this. I’ll make this statement about it- Evan does his own thing, always has. I’ve raised my boys alone since they were born because he’s been on a decade pursuit of wealth. He’s not a ‘single dad’, he’s a dead beat dad. He’s interested in one thing- money and fame. So kudos to him- he’s getting what he wants. We are all very excited for him. Don’t believe anything you see about him being a father. He’s not. He’s a sperm donor. Hopefully he’ll keep a sense of self respect during the show because as we all know the bachelorette is a respectable tv show. What’s important is that I’m happy and my boys are happy, apart from that I don’t give a damn.”

The ex-wife’s alleged comment claims that she has raised their sons alone since they were born because Evan has concentrated on pursuing wealth and fame instead. She criticized him for labeling himself a single dad when, according to her, he’s really a deadbeat dad. She went so far as saying that he’s not a father but simply a sperm donor. The comment did not contain any statements about Evan having declared bankruptcy so it’s not clear from where Chad based that additional claim from.

So far, Evan Bass, who is currently starring on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, has not publicly responded to Chad Johnson’s tweet. A viewer posted a comment to Chad’s tweet stating when she tried to bring up what Chad claimed about him, Evan blocked her.

People on the Reddit forum pointed out that even if the forum comment about Evan really was written by his ex-wife, whatever an ex-wife writes about her ex-husband should be taken with a grain of salt and that there’s always two sides of every story. One person commented that a friend of hers saw Evan at Baja Burrito in Nashville recently, either last week or the week prior, with all three of his kids.

Others wrote that it seems that what the ex-wife supposedly claimed may be true since Evan was never shown talking about his children on The Bachelorette beyond simply saying that he has three sons. On the current Bachelor in Paradise, he has been shown so far only confirming once to one of the women that he has children. People also pointed out that his social media pages don’t seem to contain any photos of his children. They pointed out that usually, Bachelor franchise contestants who are single parents, like Amanda Stanton, talk a lot about their children and what happened with their exes on the show. They also usually post a lot of photos of themselves with their children on their social media pages. Perhaps Evan has just decided to keep his children and his relationship with his ex-wife off of the show and out of the public eye?

About six weeks ago, Evan did post a photo of himself with some kids and fellow Bachelorette contestants. It’s not clear whether the boys in the photo are his children.

My people :) #thebachelorette

A photo posted by Evan Bass (@theebass) on

During his introduction segment on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, Evan said that he used to be a preacher but now helps people as an erectile dysfunction specialist with his own clinics. He is listed as the co-founder and director of Male Medical Management, LLC., who has “made tens-of-millions in revenue since 2012.”

During Evan’s time on the show, he clashed with Chad. At one point, after Evan apparently insulted him during an improv comedy routine during a group date, Chad pulled and ripped Evan’s T-shirt as he walked passed him to his seat. Chad said that Evan pushed him first, something that was actually shown later on in the Men Tell All episode.

During the Men Tell All episode, Chad Johnson teased that he has dirt on many of the men. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he just claimed that JoJo’s runner-up, Robby Hayes, hooked up with Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum Leah Block two weeks ago.

On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Evan was shown enjoying a date, during which he had a very long kiss, with Carly Waddell. While Evan thought that the date and kiss went great, Carly made it clear that she was not physically attracted nor romantically interested in Evan.

On Tuesday night’s episode, after Carly broke things off with Evan Bass, he interrupted Amanda Stanton’s make-out session with Josh Murray in hopes of getting her to join him for an impromptu date. Viewers will have to wait until the next episode, airing on Monday, to see whether Evan succeeds or if it’ll just result in a new enemy in Josh.

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