‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: The Saviors Legend, Aura, And A ‘System That Works For Them’ Teased By Greg Nicotero [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 7 will not just focus on Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but on the Saviors as well. What can TWD fans expect from the sadistic survivors when new episodes air on AMC? Executive producer Greg Nicotero discussed what is coming up next and gave some information on the Saviors.

There are spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 ahead. If you do not want to know any details on what is coming next, then stop reading.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the TWD characters will react differently to Negan murdering a member of Rick Grimes‘ (Andrew Lincoln) group. Some will go into battle mode, others will simply accept Negan’s law, and a few will completely give up. During Season 6 of The Walking Dead, not much was revealed about Negan’s group, called the Saviors. Will fans get more information on the zombie apocalypse survivors?

It turns out some details were revealed, but don’t expect a history lesson on the Saviors. Mystery is part of what makes Negan and his group so scary, according to Greg Nicotero‘s interview with Entertainment Weekly. The executive producer said that not much is known about Negan and the Saviors, but word has gotten around about their tactics. Just hearing what is done to people who don’t comply with Negan’s demands is enough to make other survivors fear The Walking Dead Season 7 villain and his group of sadistic warriors. He called it the “legend” of the Saviors and said the group has an “aura” about them.

Nicotero also spoke about how the Saviors operate. First, Negan’s group consists of a large number of people. There isn’t just a dozen of the Saviors, there are a lot of them. That’s why whenever Rick’s group kills a small group off, more show up. As the episodes progressed, the number of the Saviors seemed to double.

The group has also been terrorizing other zombie apocalypse survivors for a long time. The Saviors know what works, what doesn’t, and how to get what they want. They also don’t just blindly attack. As TWD fans recall from the last season of The Walking Dead, it was teased that they had been watching Alexandria for a while. This implies that Negan’s group knows who to target and how. The Saviors may even know what needs to be done to get what they want from Rick Grimes and the Alexandrians.

It was also teased by Greg Nicotero that Negan and the Saviors are not the only ones with a reputation in the zombie apocalypse. The name Rick Grimes has been circulating among survivors. This is how Negan knew about Rick in the first place. It was probably also the reason why the Saviors have not attacked Alexandria yet. They knew that Rick and his group were not like other survivors and they wouldn’t be taken down easily.

However, some things are going to change in The Walking Dead Season 7. Fans are used to seeing Rick’s group fight no matter what crosses their path. No matter how hard the battle is or the risks involved, they all fight. In the upcoming season of TWD, don’t expect everyone to be on board to battle Negan and the Saviors. Even though some of the characters will want to fight the new villain, others will decide to just accept Negan’s law. There are also a few who will just give up and not have the will to fight any longer.

The person who Negan kills on The Walking Dead will have an enormous impact on the group. Everyone will react to it differently. There will be blame thrown around, most likely at Rick. Some will even blame themselves for what has happened. In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Norman Reedus teased that there will be broken loyalties. The question is who will betray Rick and the Alexandrians? Will it be someone who is close to Rick? Perhaps a main character that Andrew Lincoln’s character trusts? TWD fans will have to wait to find out.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres October 23 on AMC.

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]