JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Look Very Much In Love During First Week Of Freedom, But Will They Make It Down The Aisle?

JoJo Fletcher finally found love, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Fletcher and her final suitor, Jordan Rodgers, are starting their new lives together following the The Bachelorette’s season finale and look more in love than ever. How long with their love last?

E! Online is reporting that Fletcher and Rodgers are making the most of their first week together. The couple sat down for a week full of interviews and press tours but got some alone time at a romantic Malibu beach house. The Bachelorette stars rented a four bedroom villa in Malibu for closet o $4,000 night.

“First week of freedom together and we were able to wake up to this every morning,” Fletcher wrote alongside a photo of the ocean on Instagram.

Rodgers was just as happy, writing on Instagram, “Little much needed R&R to celebrate our engagement… forgot to mention we are NEVER leaving!”

According to Perez Hilton, the pair openly showed off their affection for each other during the getaway, further confirming their love.

Following The Bachelorette finale, Rodgers expressed his enthusiasm about starting a life together with a candid love letter on Instagram.

“@joelle_fletcher I love you more than anything! You are the most amazing woman on this planet, you are my best friend, and my rock,” he wrote. “You are the best thing I wake up to in the morning and the last thing on my mind at night. Today is not the start of our love story, it’s the start of a new chapter.”

Apart from the Malibu getaway, TMZ is reporting that Fletcher and Rodgers also went on a double date with Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell. The reality stars dined with each other at Katsuya in Hollywood and appeared more than amicable during the dinner date.

As fans will recall, Higgins slept with JoJo Fletcher during his time on The Bachelor. He also told her that he loved her before handing the final rose to Bushnell.

Although one would expect things to get a little awkward during the meetup, Higgins assured fans that nothing out of the ordinary happened on the double date.

Meanwhile, it is clear that Rodgers and Fletcher are very much in love. However, will their love last long enough for the upcoming wedding? So far, there is no indication that Fletcher’s relationship with Rodgers will fall apart in the coming months.

What an amazing night! Never letting this one go @joelle_fletcher #jimmykimmel

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However, according to Us Magazine, a lot of questions still remain about the couple’s wedding. The biggest question surrounds Rodgers’ brother, Aaron Rodgers, and whether or not he will show up for the ceremony.

When asked if the Green Bay Packers quarterback would be invited to the wedding, Rodgers revealed that nobody in his family will be left out.

“Absolutely. There’s not a scenario in which I wouldn’t want my entire family at a wedding,” Rogers explained. “That’s something all of our family wants and hopes for at some point.”

Rodgers has a strained relationship with the NFL star and was unafraid to discuss the topic on The Bachelorette.

Despite his brother’s criticism for airing family drama on TV, Rodgers doesn’t regret anything he said on the reality show.

“No, you know, I went into this knowing that it was a TV show, and that I only had a small opportunity on camera to tell JoJo everything that I needed to in order to get to a place where we can be engaged, and family stuff is part of that,” he revealed.

Rodgers can’t escape questions about his estranged brother, but he and Fletcher are trying to make the most of the situation.

'The Bachelorette's' Jordan Rodger's Family Drama: Big Brother Aaron Rodgers Refuses To Meet Fiancée JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC]
Jordan Rodgers proposed to JoJo Fletcher on the season finale of 'The Bachelorette.' [Image via ABC]

“We’re focusing on moving, getting my bags, getting settled in a place and then getting our families together, getting our friends together,” he shared. “That’s what we’re really looking forward to.”

Tell us! Do you think JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers will make it down the aisle? Let us know in the comments, and check out their chemistry in the interview below.

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