President Obama Criticizes Congress For Leaving With Too Much Undone

The decision by Congress to punch the clock while there’s still a lot of work left on the table has earned the ire of President Barack Obama, who accused them over the weekend of leaving too much undone.

Measures to help veterans, farmers and homeowners have started to collect dust now that Congress has adjourned, something that doesn’t please the POTUS one bit. In his weekend radio and internet address, President Obama criticized Washington’s lawmakers of being “more worried about their jobs and their paychecks” than their constituents.

According to the President, lawmakers wasted a perfectly good opportunity to help the economy by leaving so much undone, and said that he’d like to see them back in November to specifically finish their work on a veteran’s job plan, a farm policy plan, and a piece helping homeowners refinance, reports MSN.

Perhaps it’s the fierce bipartisanship that has given this Congress so much pause. The past two years have proven some of the most volatile in recent history, and indeed, the Congress as it adjourned has been one of the least productive and least popular Congresses in history.

Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions blamed Senate Democrats, saying that they failed to meet their “most basic obligations” producing a budget plan, as well as not addressing tax hikes and defense cuts. He said that if Republicans are given the chance, they will get government “under control.”

When Congress returns in seven weeks, their busy agenda will be topped with concerns of the “fiscal cliff,” i.e. the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts and upcoming spending cuts that may put the country back into recession.

Do you agree that Democrats have dragged down the progress of Congress? Is it the fault of Republicans? Or is it both? Sound off!