Andi Dorfman Seemingly Responds to Ex Josh Murray’s Accusation That She’s a Liar

"The Bachelorette" star Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman seems to have just responded to her ex-fiance’s claim that she’s a liar. On Tuesday, a day after viewers saw Josh Murray’s arrival on Bachelor in Paradise, the former Bachelorette posted a tweet that maintains that she speaks the truth.

Andi, who is currently vacationing in Greece right now but has been bombarded with comments about what Josh said about her on her social media pages, tweeted that she speaks two languages, “English and Truth.”

Many people took Andi’s tweet to be a direct response to Josh’s claim, made on the spin-off, that Andi’s tell-all book contains lies about him. In response to Andi’s tweet, Andi’s fans left comments that criticized and bashed Josh. They told Andi that they believe her and that she’s clearly much better off without him. Several people also commented that Andi shouldn’t be too upset since Josh has now given her book a lot of publicity and has helped boost its sales. Some even told Andi to send Amanda Stanton a copy of her book.

On Monday night’s episode of the spin-off, Josh made his arrival to paradise. Speaking to host Chris Harrison before joining the others, Josh said that he was at paradise to find love. He expressed optimism that he will find his wife. Chris handed him a date card.

Not surprisingly, Nick, who was beat out by Josh for Andi’s hand in marriage on Season 10 of The Bachelorette, didn’t look very pleased when Josh showed up. Despite knowing that Nick and Amanda, from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, already went out on a date, Josh asked Amanda out on a date.

When Josh and Amanda were out on their date, Nick was asked by Daniel Maguire about Andi’s tell-all book. After Andi’s engagement to Josh ended after about nine months, she wrote and published a tell-all/memoir, titled It’s Not Okay, in which she talked about her relationships with Nick and Josh. What she wrote about Josh was particularly shocking. As Us Weekly reported, Andi wrote that after they went back home to Atlanta, Josh became jealous and emotionally abusive. She wrote that during fights, he would sometimes call her “b**ch” and “w**re.” She called her engagement to Josh “the most volatile and f***ed up relationship of [her] life.”

Nick Viall told Daniel that he believes that what Andi wrote about Josh is true since what she wrote about him had “at least some accuracy to them.”

“Quite honestly some of the stuff that is written about Josh is pretty aggressive and a little disturbing. I know at least the things written about me aren’t fictional. There’s at least some accuracy to them. So, it’s hard to imagine that that’s not the case for Josh.”

Yet according to Josh Murray, it’s all lies. During his date with Amanda, when she asked him about the book, he called Andi Dorfman’s book “a fictional story.”

“She had some not-so-kind things to say, and it’s very unfortunate that she would depict me in such a false way. It’s like, how am I supposed to comment on these excerpts that people are sending me to a fictional story, something that’s just not true at all? It’s definitely frustrating, but it doesn’t affect me until somebody asks me about it. You have to be a bigger person no matter what kind of lies or egregious things are said about you. You have to try to take the high road… Honestly, it doesn’t affect me at all. God knows what the truth is. Like, that’s all that matters.”


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To the camera, Josh called Andi’s claims so “ludicrous” that he can’t even comment on them.

“There’s stuff that’s so ludicrous. How do you comment on something like that?”

In February 2015, after Andi and Josh went public with their breakup, Andi had a tearful interview with Chris Harrison in which she said that she and Josh clashed too much due to their too-similar strong personalities. She said that neither of them made the other feel empowered and supported. As the Inquisitr reported, after Andi’s interview aired, Josh posted a tweet about leaving it all up it God.

On Bachelor in Paradise, Amanda told the camera that she was satisfied with Josh’s explanation.

“I thought he gave a really good answer, and I trust him. And, I can tell how genuine he is. So, it’s not really something I’m worried about. I’m just excited to see where things go from here.”

After the episode aired on Monday night, Josh Murray seemed to throw another dig at Andi Dorfman. He tweeted that his date with Amanda Stanton was the best first date of his life. Obviously, he thinks that his first date with Andi on The Bachelorette wasn’t as good as his date with Amanda.

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