Ben Affleck Partying: Is Jennifer Garner Preventing Divorce From Actor To Avoid Meltdown?

ben affleck divorce jennifer garner halted

Ben Affleck’s wild partying is leading several news outlets to believe that Jennifer Garner is not proceeding with the divorce for the actor’s own good.

Ben’s marriage with Jennifer has made endless headlines in the past year, which all started with rumors that the Batman V. Superman Hollywood star had an ongoing affair with the family’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian. The scandal would eventually see Jennifer fire Christine and announce her separation from her husband.

In the midst of the divorce filing, reports had claimed that Ben had been battling a gambling addiction, which would see him spend thousands of dollars a night. A source at the time was very specific when stressing that Jennifer Garner couldn’t put up with it anymore, and Ben needed to make a serious change if he wants to stay with her.

Now that a year has passed since the announcement of their divorce filing, Ben Affleck is said to have made numerous public outings lately, and the events he’s been attending all happened to be parties, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

The outlet quotes Page Six as mentioning a recent outing, where Ben left the Suicide Squad premiere looking worse for wear.

“He looked disheveled. That picture is outside another small after-after party. It was a very late at night. It looked a lot worse than it was,” an insider dished.

CDL is under the impression that Ben is slowly but surely bringing back a side of himself that he wishes would never see the light of day again. With Jennifer Garner having limited control over her estranged husband’s actions now that they have decided to live separate lives, Ben is on his own to figure out what he wants to do with his life, but according to the outlet, his decisions have been anything but wise

“Clearly, there must be something going on as Ben Affleck hasn’t looked this way since he was treated for his alcohol addiction back in 2001 and after his Jennifer Lopez breakup in 2004,” Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, indicating that the actor is reverting to the person he was 15 years ago.

A source adds that Jennifer Garner will do her best to keep Ben Affleck on his toes — after all, he is the father of her three children. The actress wouldn’t want to see him experience a nasty meltdown now that she has made it known she’s nothing more than good friends with her estranged husband, E! Online reveals.

Garner will most likely put her divorce on hold, CDL adds, but this won’t just be for the supposed fact that Ben can’t seem to take care of himself. Until the actor is able to show Jennifer that he is fit enough to take on responsibility, she won’t be granting the hunky actor his wishes to finalize the divorce once and for all.

This has clearly put Ben Affleck in an odd position. The actor has already lost his chances of reconciling with his wife, who has made it known that she doesn’t plan on reconciling with him, yet, with that said, she’s refusing to give him the right to proceed with the divorce until he betters himself.

What do you make of allegations that Jennifer Garner is preventing Ben Affleck from going ahead with the divorce out of possible fear that her estranged husband will suffer an even further downfall?

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