‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chloe To Raise Baby With Philip?

Days of Our Lives is set to heat up this fall. The NBC soap recently released its fall preview, and promises big drama to come.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, one of this fall’s biggest storylines will seemingly be the pregnancy of Chloe Lane. Chloe, who is already the mother to the late Dr. Daniel Jonas’ son, Parker, is set to welcome another child. However, she’s worried about bringing this baby into the world due to the fact that Deimos Kiriakis is the father.

As Days of Our Lives fans know, the only person who is aware of the situation is Chloe’s close friend, and former boyfriend, Philip Kiriakis. Philip also happens to be the nephew of Deimos, and the two have bad blood between them.

To make matters worse, Chloe’s best friend, Nicole Walker, has recently fallen hard for Deimos. The pair have just embarked on a relationship and are getting serious quickly. Nicole doesn’t believe she can have children after losing multiple pregnancies in the past. This is a sore spot for Nicole, who is also a bit jealous that Chloe is the mother of her late fiance, Daniel’s son.

Days of Our Lives: Will Nicole and Deimos get a happy ending?
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If Nicole learns that Chloe is pregnant with the child of another man she loves it could cause a huge amount of tension between the friends. Will Chloe lie about the father of her baby?

Philip will offer to pretend to be the child’s father, and could even agree to fully raise the baby with Chloe. Days of Our Lives fans have seen Chloe go from man to man in Salem, including Philip, Brady, Lucas, and Daniel. However, Philip was her first love in high school, and would make sense if the two were to were to rekindle their romance.

The baby drama on Days of Our Lives is sure to keep fans tuning in, but so much more is in store for viewers. In addition to Chloe’s pregnancy woes, Victor will be arrested for the kidnapping of Brady and Theresa’s son, Tate.

Brady and Theresa will finally get their precious son back, and they’ll be out to get whoever stole him from them. All signs are pointing to Brady’s grandfather Victor, who has made no secret of his hatred of Theresa. Victor will be arrested, but did he really do it? Sonny seems to believe the Deimos may be setting his brother up out of revenge.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Victor arrested for Tate's kidnapping.
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Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans will watch as Kayla’s life hangs in the balance. Steve and Joey will scramble to get her the help she needs, but it will be touch and go for the doctor after she suffers a devastating head injury.


Hope and Rafe will also find themselves in hot water as Aiden Jennings will become the new District Attorney. Hope’s ex will be out for blood, and will pressure her to confess to the murder of Stefano DiMera. Could Hope and/or Rafe end up behind bars as well?

As all of this is happening, Days of Our Lives viewers will also watch as Abigail’s family mourns her death. Chad, Jennifer, and the rest of the Horton/Deveraux family all believe Abby to be dead in a plane crash. Chad and Jen will both take the death hard and will go off the deep end. What does this mean for their sobriety, and their custody battle over Abigail’s son, Thomas?

Days of Our Lives is sure to be action packed this fall, and it all kicks off when the soap returns to NBC on August 22, after the 2016 Olympic games in Rio are finished.

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