‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 3 Brings Desperate Maneuvers, Hurt Feelings, And Romantic Sparks

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there is more drama ahead with Episode 3 that is set to air on Tuesday night. Several couples are starting to form solid bonds, but a new arrival definitely caused some waves with a prior nemesis. Where are things headed during the August 9 show?

As everybody saw Monday night, Nick Viall thought he was forming a solid bond with Amanda Stanton, but Josh Murray’s arrival in Mexico quickly destroyed that. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from ABC share that this rivalry continues during the next show as Nick feels frustrated that Josh swooped in and snagged another gal away from him.

There are additional guys set to arrive, and gossip guru “Reality Steve” dishes out the details. He says that Christian Bishop, from JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette season, along with Brandon Andreen from Desiree Hartsock Siegfried’s journey, are the next two guys to arrive. Christian asks Sarah Herron out, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that they go ziplining and rappelling. There will be a waterfall and a kiss, so things seem to go fairly well.

However, when Sarah and Christian return, one of the other men in the house is feeling jealous and he sets up a private date of his own to woo her back. It seems that this will be Daniel, and it sounds as if his tactics to win her over are successful.

As for Brandon’s arrival, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that he will have people buzzing, but not necessarily in a good way. Apparently, not much of anybody realizes who he is, so he may have a tough time making any connections in a group that is already pretty established. He asks out Haley Ferguson, and the two head out for dinner together. During the outing, Haley’s twin sister, Emily, will swap places with her sister to see if they can fool Brandon.

Viewers watched as Evan Bass and Carly Waddell headed out on a date, and this comes after a kiss that didn’t exactly set off fireworks equally for the two. Bachelor in Paradise teasers indicate that while Evan will be smitten and thrilled with how things went, Carly is not quite so enamored, and it seems this will leave Evan feeling quite upset.

In addition, ABC teases Bachelor in Paradise spoilers noting that one dejected guy will set up a fake date to try to woo a gal who had previously caught his interest. Unfortunately, when he approaches her, she is in the middle of making out with her new dude and it seems that things may get hairy as this plays out. Which trio is this referring to for Episode 3?

As much as this might sound like another Nick and Josh scenario, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the previews showcase that it is actually Evan who is angling to disrupt Josh and Amanda’s lovefest. It seems that Evan will be worried about being eliminated due to Carly’s lukewarm reaction to their kisses and he decides that Amanda is the gal for him. Will he be successful?

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about which contestants end up together after the finale make it clear that Evan’s plan does not ultimately work. Not only that, but it seems that Carly somehow changes her thinking and will soon be giving Evan another chance.

It sounds as if Episode 3 ends with Evan’s decision to interrupt Amanda and Josh, once again leaving viewers hanging regarding the eliminations. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, during the rose ceremony, Sarah will keep Daniel and Carly will keep Evan.

Amanda gives her rose to Josh and Lace will choose Grant. Izzy keeps Vinny and Emily gives a rose to Jared, with Haley’s going to Nick. That means that Christian and Brandon will be eliminated after just a brief time in Mexico, and during Episode 4, viewers will see several more ladies arrive with date cards.

Romances are flourishing and tempers are flaring in Mexico and there is plenty more drama on the way. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there are intense moments ahead, but several love stories forming as well, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next.

[Image via Amanda Stanton/Instagram]