Avatar the movie is getting a game adaptation – in 3D

Avatar, the much anticipated 3D sci-fi flick directed by James Cameron, is getting a game. Best of all, developer Ubisoft will be using the same technology as the film, so that the game is displayed in 3D (though only on Xbox 360 and PS3); it’ll probably be a lot more convincing than the Virtua Boy ever was. Cameron’s involvement is said to be “significant,” while several actors from the film will be lending their voices.

Announced over two years ago, barely a peep has been heard or seen of the game project, but here it is! It, uh, doesn’t appear very 3D, yet it’s undoubtedly lovely – these first screens aren’t too far from how the film looks. Eurogamer has a whole gallery of these available, so head here!



[Via Eurogamer]