Rio 2016 Olympics: Team USA Basketballers Caught At Rio’s Most Notorious Brothel; They Claim They ‘Thought It Was A Spa’

Rio hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics with the best athletes from around the world; and Termas Monte Carlo, a notorious brothel in town, has hosted Team USA basketball players for the evening. Photos have emerged on Daily Mail of basketball players DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus ‘Boogie’ Cousins, and DeMar De Rozan caught red-handed inside of the most notorious high-end brothels in Rio.

The trio of Team USA’s top ballers have since claimed that they simply “thought it was a spa.”

The men had allegedly stumbled into the Termas Monte Carlo, according to witnesses. It has not been confirmed, but some witnesses are telling the media that there were three other Team USA players at the Brazilian brothel as well.

TMZ has since reported that the staff at the brothel had been instructed to present the high-end club as a spa. However, it is not too difficult to figure out that this place is no ordinary day spa. Termas Monte Carlo only welcomes men, women are not allowed, and it has a fully stocked bar.

Team USA basketball captain, Carmelo Anthony, made a statement for the team the following day.

“What’s done is done. We have time off and guys did what they did. We accept those responsibilities and move on.”

The images that have emerged of the Team USA players at the Brazilian brothel show Jordan hanging out by the bar area, while Cousins was photographed standing with a woman who appeared to have her legs strapped around her waist.

Strange, a source told TMZ that the boys had left as soon as they realized what they had walked into.

“They realized it wasn’t the right place for them and immediately left.”

Sources from inside the club also claim the men had bought drinks as well inside of Termas Monte Carlo. At that point, did they still think they were inside of a spa?

Either this was a just a dumb mistake made by these athletes or they are just trying to make excuses for getting caught. We will never know for sure.

Luckily for the players, Team USA went on the following day to crush the Chinese basketball team with a winning score of 119-62. Cousins scored 17 points for the team that day. News of the boys scandalous night out in Rio at the most notorious brothel in the country seemingly got lost in the excitement of the team’s victory.

Team USA appears to have had a great time in Rio thus far; staying on a luxurious cruise ship that they have gotten in lieu of the current conditions of the athlete’s village in Rio.

With a little help from Team USA’s sponsor, Cisco, they rented out the entire cruise ship so that the players would have enhanced security as well.

The women’s USA basketball team was also aboard the Silver Cloud cruise ship. The women’s basketball players posted this photo of themselves hanging out on the ship, enjoying some drinks, with the caption: ‘livin the dream.’

Livin the dream!

A photo posted by Elena Delle Donne (@de11edonne) on

Basketball player for the women’s team, Angel McCoughtry, has been sharing photos of her first Olympic experience with all of her fans and followers. Americans rooting for the athletes back home get a chance to see a glimpse of what the Olympic athletes are experiencing over in Rio.

Most of the players on Team USA have been sharing their Olympic journey across their numerous social media accounts. Check out the accommodations that these Olympic athletes received on this nine-deck cruise ship.

The media may have forgotten about the three Team USA basketballers photographed at that infamous brothel, but these players wives and girlfriends may not be so quick to forget.

DeAndre Jordan recently found out via DNA test that he is a father to a son with girlfriend, Amber ALvarez.

Demarcus Cousins is also a parent with his girlfriend Morgan to their young boy.

Team USA baller, DeMar Derozan, might find himself in the most trouble once the Summer Olympics are over; as he just recently proposed to girlfriend Kiara Morrison. The two share a long history and a daughter together.

[Photo by David Ramos/Stringer/Getty Images]