WikiLeaks To Release Second Batch Of Emails: Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?

WikiLeaks announced today that the second installment of emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton will be released soon. The announcement was made via Facebook comments on the official WikiLeaks Party page. According to the post, WikiLeaks is likely to release the next batch of emails within a few days.

Those supporting Hillary Clinton have downplayed the content of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) email leaks, such as Bill Maher during his interview with Julian Assange. Those against Hillary have called for her to be imprisoned and often refer to her as “Crooked Hillary.” Many from the anti-Clinton camp have called on WikiLeaks to release further emails that would lead to criminal charges or an indictment. Exactly what the emails contain is unknown. It’s also unknown whether the emails contain evidence that could result in criminal charges for Hillary Clinton. Is Hillary Clinton going to jail?

Public calls for WikiLeaks to release incriminating evidence against Clinton has been vast. WikiLeaks has responded to the requests multiple times on Facebook and Twitter.

Though it’s too early to tell exactly what the new round of emails will contain, WikiLeaks hinted they have evidence that proves Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS. It’s a claim that Donald Trump has repeatedly made and one that WikiLeaks has been vocal about.

WikiLeaks is also tweeting about more behavior conducted by Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady. The latest WikiLeaks tweets indicate Hillary Clinton illegally accessed F.B.I files when she was First Lady. Conspiracy theories abound regarding the Clintons’ behavior in office. It’s unclear if WikiLeaks has any evidence that backs up allegations such as the Clinton kill list or Bill Clinton’s sexual scandals.

Julian Assange spoke to Russia Today’s Afshin Rattans and discussed the DNC leak and future email leaks that will be added to the WikiLeaks site. Assange also spoke about claims Russia hacked the DNC then leaked the documents through WikiLeaks. You can hear the full interview in the video player below. Julian Assange refers to the “dirty work” of the Clinton family. Assange did say some of the remaining emails focus on the Clinton Foundation. Also mentioned was Clinton’s connection to Saudi Arabia.

WikiLeaks shared information on other incidents, besides the upcoming email release. The DNC leak showed many media news outlets worked in conjunction with the Clinton campaign. Some reporters even sent their articles to the DNC for review, before sending them to editors. Media outlets were frequently used as press release services instead of adhering to the public’s First Amendment right to free press. Reading through the DNC leaks, one quickly surmises which media outlets were part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

WikiLeaks addressed those media outlets in a tweet that called for accountability. Not only should the DNC be held accountable for their actions, but so should media outlets. News that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was given a place on the Clinton campaign has not set well with many in the public.

While Donald Trump has alleged the entire election may be rigged, some agree with him. Voters have voiced concerns that if the DNC was rigged, why couldn’t the entire election be fixed?

Some are also calling for criminal charges against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC leaders who allegedly engaged in slanting the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Many people are accusing the mainstream media of covering up many issues surrounding Hilary Clinton, the DNC leaks, and the firing and hiring of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Other WikiLeaks tweets allege a relationship between Hillary Clinton and the Turkey coup leader.


Also worth noting is that the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has said there is no proof that Russia leaked the DNC emails or was the source, yet nearly everyone outspoken about Hilary Clinton has been accused of ties to Russia. Even Donald Trump has been accused of being in Putin’s pocket.

Russia Today discussed Clapper’s statements regarding the DNC hack.

“We don’t know enough to ascribe motivation regardless of who it might have been.”

During Julian Assange’s interview with Bill Maher, he discussed allegations that Russia was the DNC leaks source. Assange insisted that the public knows the source: the DNC.

Are you going to read the next round of WikiLeaks emails? Do you hope they shed light on Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State, or will you ignore them? Do you hope Hillary Clinton goes to jail?

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