Miranda Lambert Wears T-Shirt With Boyfriend Anderson East’s Name, Kicks Man Out Of Concert After Gwen Stefani’s Name Is Mentioned

Miranda Lambert made a big statement at her latest concert. Following rumors of trouble in paradise with boyfriend Anderson East, Lambert took the stage in a T-shirt with his name on it.

In recent months, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East have been faced with rumors regarding a possible split, as well as reports of plans for marriage and children, but days ago, it was perfectly clear that the breakup rumors were far from true.

“[Miranda Lambert] performed at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, California, on Friday, donning a black T-shirt with her rhythm and blues musician beau’s name emblazoned in a bold, white font,” Entertainment Tonight revealed to readers on August 7. “She styled the top with denim cut-off shorts, bedazzled silver belt, sexy fishnet stockings and her signature cowgirl boots.”

Also during her weekend concert, Miranda Lambert was heckled by a fan who reportedly yelled out Gwen Stefani’s name during her show. Although Miranda Lambert did kick someone out of the concert after labeling them a “d****e bag,” Entertainment Tonight didn’t confirm whether or not the man removed from the show was the same person who had yelled Blake Shelton’s girlfriend’s name.

Miranda Lambert and Anderson East began their relationship at the end of last year, and while they haven’t said much publicly about their love, they have confirmed their attraction to one another with several outings, one of which took place on Valentine’s Day. As East performed a show, Miranda Lambert joined him on stage along with a friend and engaged in a duet of “My Girl.” Months later, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East walked the red carpet together at the 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards, which were also attended by her ex-husband, Shelton, and held in Las Vegas.

A short time after Miranda Lambert and Anderson East made their relationship debut at the Academy of Country Music Awards, a source told E! News that East “was a little nervous” to walk the red carpet with Lambert but also “so happy” to be by her side.

Although Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband was at the event as well, the country singer “did not avoid” a run-in with her former partner. Instead, the source explained, “she just did not go out of her way to bump into him. If they did, she would [have said] hi.”

Miranda Lambert “was not nervous at all” about seeing Shelton. “She is in a totally different space than [she was] months ago. She has no issues with Blake and is happy that he is in a good place in his life and also in love,” the source revealed.

As for her relationship with Anderson East, the source continued on, revealing that Miranda Lambert and her partner have an intense connection to one another.

“Whenever they are together they act like two free spirits…[Miranda Lambert] adores Anderson,” the E! News source said. “They understand each other. Anderson has given Miranda this confidence she hasn’t felt in some time. They are very supportive with each other and their careers.”

“Anderson and [Miranda Lambert] are serious,” the source continued. “They have met both sides of their families. Both their families love what they have. They seem like they are in such a great place. They spend so much time together. They are also very involved with Miranda’s animals. That’s a big part of her life and Anderson is a huge animal lover.”

Miranda Lambert will return to her Keeper of the Flame Tour later this week in Sturgis.

[Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]