‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: ‘BB16’ Winner Derrick Levasseur Coached Nicole Franzel, James Huling, And Paulie Calafiore To Win The Game?

Last night (August 8), Natalie Negrotti asked James Huling if he received help from Big Brother 16 winner, Derrick Levasseur, before entering the house. James implied that Nicole Franzel and Paulie Calafiore were also coached by the Big Brother winner. Natalie felt that being coached by one of the greatest Big Brother players gave them a huge advantage and thought it was unfair. Derrick Levasseur took to Periscope to explain the rumor of his involvement and gave his thoughts about Big Brother 18.

Derrick explained that Paulie is like family to him. He said that Cody (Paulie’s brother) is not a friend to him, he’s a brother. He knows that the money, if he won, would help his family “a great deal.” Levasseur said that Nicole is a great person and comes from a great family. If she won, he feels confident that the money would be “put to good use.” James is a good friend and like last season, he wants to win the cash to make his daughter’s life better. He admitted that is a great reason to play.

Derrick noted that the question he hears often is who he thinks will win Big Brother 18. He admits that there are two issues to consider before answering. First, who is playing the best game right now? Hands down, Derrick feels Paulie is playing the best game so far. He explained that his gameplay could cost him his life in the Big Brother game. For example, Paulie wins many competitions, and Levasseur doesn’t feel that is the best strategy. He claims he told him before going in the Big Brother house to only win when it was necessary to protect his life in the game. Otherwise, Derrick explained, no one will want to take him to the end for fear they won’t be able to beat him.

Levasseur said the second question he hears often is, who do you think would win the game? Derrick explains that Paul Abrahamian is playing a near perfect Big Brother game right now. Levasseur noted that for someone that barely escaped eviction in the first three weeks, he had placed himself well in the game in a tight alliance. Paul has control of the house and has people that he trusts around him. As long as he doesn’t act impulsively, he could win Big Brother 18 next month.

“James is in a great position in the house; however, I don’t think he’s playing a good game, exactly. And. this is why–James is just being himself and not thinking about any strategy right now. James is lovable and funny guy and he’s betting on the fact that the BB18 house will want to have him around.”

Levasseur was asked which Big Brother 18 player is playing the worst game right now. He fumbled on naming anyone because he stated several players have terrible gameplay. Ultimately, he named Michelle Meyer as the worst player of the season right now. Derrick stated she isn’t winning any competitions, and her social game is “horrible.”

“Michelle is definitely in the worst position in the Big Brother house right now.”

Derrick said that the relationship between Paulie and Zakiyah Everette is one sided, and he didn’t want to elaborate. He revealed he told him not to get involved in a showmance because the Big Brother house is not a place to find love.

Levasseur claims that he never discussed any strategy with Nicole about Big Brother before she went into the house. He said he wished her well if Big Brother asked her to come back.

Derrick admits he had spoken to Paulie before he went into the Big Brother house for about an hour by phone. He explained that he did give him advice and direct him how to play Big Brother efficiently. Levasseur revealed that most of the advice he gave him, Paulie never used.

Derrick denies knowing that James was going to be in the Big Brother house when he talked to Paulie. He only gave him a warning about Vanessa and Tiffany Rousso by telling him to get them out as soon as possible. He called Vanessa “unreliable” because she “tends to blow up other player’s games” when in trouble. Levasseur admits he spoke to James for about 30 minutes about Big Brother 18, and it was not an “in-depth” conversation. He never told James that Paulie was going in the house.

“I never mentioned to James that Paulie, Cody’s brother was going into the Big Brother house and vice versa. I have too much respect for the game and the way it’s intended to be played.”

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