Is Calvin Harris Really Taking Digs At Taylor Swift In ‘Ole’ Music Video?

Calvin Harris’ new music video for “Ole,” featuring John Newman, is finally here. And, of course, fans have been watching the video on repeat to see if the DJ throws digs at his famous ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Calvin Harris and John Newman released the accompanying video for their new song on Friday, Aug. 5. Fans already believe that Harris, 32, is trying to get back at Swift, 26. In the music video, Harris and Newman, also 26, are seen enjoying their recent vacation to Cabo on a private yacht, on a beach, and surrounded by a group of bikini-clad women.

According to Us Weekly, some of the scenes in the music video seem to symbolize Taylor’s new relations with actor Tom Hiddleston. However, this could be a reach. In one scene, one of the bikini-clad women pose on a bed of rocks by the ocean, similar to the first photos of Taylor and Tom kissing on a beach near her home in Rhode Island.

Then, in another scene, Harris, Newman, and the gorgeous women go for a walk on the beach, much like Hiddleston and Swift did during their recent trip to London. Then, the group posed in wooden chairs outside of a mansion. In case you didn’t know, Hiddleswift and Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Britany Maack, and Ben Lamaana took a similar group photo in white wicker chairs outside of Swift’s mansion during her annual Fourth of July party.


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It’s highly possible that some of the scenes in the music video are just a coincidence, but some fans still think it’s about Taylor Swift. After all, Calvin’s recent trip to Cabo happened just weeks before Taylor and Tom made their relationship Instagram-official. According a report via Hollywood Life, the lyrics to the song also had fans speculating that it’s about Taylor.

For instance, it includes the line, “My heart speaks, I ain’t see you or bin’ with you for weeks, but I see online that you’ve begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend, being attentive continue to pretend.”

Fans also think the lyrics hint to Taylor’s new boyfriend with the line, “Low key, you won’t tell none of your friends about me.” Low key could be a play on words about Hiddleston’s Thor character, Loki.

But, other fans assume that the song might be about Harris’ other ex, Rita Ora. According to a report via The Sun in 2014, the couple split because she didn’t tell him that she was in the same city as him and stayed in a hotel instead. It’s also been rumored that Ora cheated on Harris with pop star Justin Bieber.

John recently addressed the rumors surrounding the breakup song. During his interview with, he was asked on his interpretation of the lyrics. First, he complimented Calvin for writing and producing the track.

“I can’t sit here and say exactly what that song is about. That’s an interview that needs to be had with Calvin. And, at this point, when people want to start drilling me about it, they say, ‘Well, how can you sing somebody else’s song? You’re not that kind of singer.’ The the thing is, it’s like doing a cover song. I have to relate to the song in a different way, I’ve been in that situation before, we’ve all been in awkward situations where relationships are getting mashed up, and changing. I just had to relate to it in that way. I would love to hear what he’s got to say about it as well.”

As for Harris, he’s clearly enjoying the single life. He was surrounded by a group of women yet again at Warwick, where he was seen mingling with newly single men, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wilmer Valerrama. Sources told People that Harris “sat at his own private table full of about eight to 10 girls.”

“Girls were surrounding his table and snapping photos, trying to make their way closer to him,” the source added. After high-fiving Wilmer, Calvin left with the group of women. “They caught up over drinks. It was a fun guys’ night out. Calvin left with a group of girls laughing like he didn’t have a care in the world.”


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What are your thoughts on Calvin Harris and John Newman’s new music video? Do you think it’s about Taylor Swift? Sound off below in the comments section.

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