Rush Limbaugh Just Cracked Up Making Fun Of Gold Star Family

Rush Limbaugh knows how to win friends and influence people. His decades-long career in talk radio is proof of that.

But usually he only wins one type of friend and influences one type of person — far-right conservatives. And on a recent episode of his program, he attempted to do just that by setting his sights on Khizr Khan and his wife.

Khan erupted into the public consciousness during the Democratic National Convention for his impassioned speech against Donald Trump.

Trump responded by questioning whether the mother of Khan’s son — a dead war hero — was “allowed to speak” due to their Islamic faith.

The media skewered Trump. Republicans and Democrats alike denounced the comments. His poll numbers took a sharp drop.

But none of that was enough to keep Rush Limbaugh away from the topic.

During the broadcast, Limbaugh, who is no stranger to saying controversial things, pondered the ultimate Republican plan to beating Hillary Clinton — by replacing Trump with Khizr Khan himself.

“Think of this,” Limbaugh said. “If Trump drops out, who would be ideal to take over? How about, and just hear me out on this before your knee-jerk reactions — how about Khizr Khan as the replacement Republican nominee? How could Hillary run against a war hero?”

Throughout the rant, Rush Limbaugh paused to cackle about the idea, saying with tongue-in-cheek that what the world learned from the Democratic National Convention was that “you can criticize” Patricia Smith and other parents who lost loved ones at Benghazi and blamed Hillary Clinton, but “you can’t criticize the parents of a war hero” if they support Democrats.


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Sarcastically, Limbaugh raised the point that Khan, not being a natural-born American citizen, would be ineligible for the presidency, but “that’s a xenophobic law that demonstrates the typical arrogance and conceit that is part of being an American.”

“Who are we to tell people they can’t run for president just because they’re not from here?” Rush said before again breaking into laughter and describing the “weird looks” people in his office were giving him.

Putting his focus back on Khan, Rush Limbaugh said that “you can’t criticize him.”

“He’s already been proclaimed an unassailable citizen,” Rush said, adding that Khan, who took out a pocket copy of the Constitution during his DNC speech and asked Trump if he’d read it, “understands the Constitution (and) he can waive that around.”

Being a Muslim, in Rush Limbaugh’s eyes, made Khan even more electable since the Democratic Party has a bias for Islam.

Many commenters on the popular political blog Mediaite were furious with Rush Limbaugh for the segment, with one asking when the American right “collectively decided to p*** on veterans, dead and disabled included, and their families?”

“Oh I get it!!!” wrote another commenter, mocking the sarcastic tone of Rush Limbaugh’s rant. “Conservatives think they can’t criticize Mr. Khan because of Political Correctness. You guys can criticize anyone you want. But if you do it in such a blatantly bigoted way, all us decent people get to call you a bunch of g*******d bigots.”

If you’d like to hear the full thing for yourself, you can do so at this link.

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