Bray Wyatt Is Ready For The WWE World Championship: Wrestling Legend Makes The Case

Bray Wyatt has an undeniable fanbase that routinely goes against the grain of cheering babyface and booing heel to put him “over” no matter who is out there in the center of the ring.

That became apparent with a recent episode of Smackdown in which Bray shows up to interrupt the conflict between current champion Dean Ambrose and his next contender, Dolph Ziggler.

After Ziggler tried getting fired up for the fans, Bray Wyatt showed up to basically bury him and his chances of winning the title at SummerSlam.

This altercation made Wyatt a topic of much discussion on a recent episode of MLW’s MSL and Sullivan podcast starring Mister Saint Laurent and wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan.

Sullivan, as most hardcore wrestling fans know, is a product of the territories and worked with Bray Wyatt’s family — Mike Rotunda (aka Irwin R. Shyster), Barry Windham and Black Jack Mulligan.

While that was many years ago, Sullivan still has memories of a young Bray Wyatt backstage.

“The kid grew up in Florida and came to matches while he was s******g yellow,” Sullivan said, meaning that he was “still in diapers.”

Sullivan continued.

“He’s running around in the dressing room with Mike (Rotunda), Barry Windham, and Black Jack Mulligan — one of the greatest performers, one of the greatest talkers, and the other guy a very solid technician. And in that dressing room is Dusty Rhodes. You know what I mean? Some of the biggest names. Rubbing his grandfather’s leg he should have gotten something. He is, even though he never worked one minute in a territory, he’s the last link to a territory.”

Sullivan believes that because of Bray Wyatt’s pedigree “there was some knowledge passed by the time he was three years old.” Furthermore, the wrestling legend said that Bray “saw the wrestling battle from the 1930s until now.”

“He sees it better than anyone else in that company except for maybe Vince and Shane,” he added.


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MSL’s case in bringing up Bray Wyatt was basically that the guy is ready for the title now, and it was apparent in how he overshadowed Ambrose and Ziggler, who neither one have been “built up credibly” by the company.

Unfortunately, Bray continues to deal with an injury-prone ankle, so it could be risky to put a belt on him at this point considering how difficult it has been for WWE to trust in the health of one consistent champion.

The company tried to swing its weight behind Daniel Bryan in 2014, but Bryan’s repeated injuries forced him into an early retirement.

Fans wholly rejected Roman Reigns, who didn’t do himself any favors after failing a drug test under the terms of the WWE Wellness Policy.

Brock Lesnar was a champion for a time, but given his own drug-testing issues as well as his part-time status with the company, it’s difficult imagining the McMahons going that route again.

Also, Seth Rollins suffered an injury that forced him to relinquish the title early.

So what do you think, readers?

Would Bray Wyatt make a good world champion, or is he too susceptible to damage? And what are your thoughts on the Dean Ambrose run so far? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via WWE]