WWE Rumors: Dolph Ziggler Turning Heel At WWE Summerslam

The WWE Universe can be fickle sometimes. For years, many people within the WWE Universe argued that Dolph Ziggler was “underrated,” and he deserved so much better on WWE programming. Of course, there have been wasted opportunities and some misfires, but Ziggler has had a great career in WWE.

Almost immediately after the WWE Draft and brand extension, WWE officials answered those fans by proving that the “New Era” of WWE will be one without glass ceilings when they booked Ziggler to face Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship at WWE Summerslam. However, some people are said to still be unhappy. Dolph posted the following last week about the backlash on him getting a WWE title shot.

The WWE fans are questioning if Dolph Ziggler has a realistic shot to defeating Dean Ambrose to become the new WWE Champion at WWE Summerslam. That’s understandable considering that WWE is more likely to continue pushing Ambrose as SmackDown’s champion.

According to Cage Side Seats, history and logic are against “The Show Off,” but there could be other plans for Ziggler after WWE Summerslam. The feud with Ambrose and the second chance for Dolph are bringing back the passion to his character that hasn’t been seen for quite some time. There is also the possibility of Ziggler bringing back the anger and become a heel again on WWE programming.

Dolph Ziggler Defends His Career to Dean Ambrose

According to a detailed report from Ring Side News, former WWE Superstar and ECW legend Taz spoke on his podcast about Dolph Ziggler and the potential for him on SmackDown after WWE’s brand extension. He had a lot of ideas, but the main one was for WWE to turn Ziggler heel at WWE Summerslam.

Taz pointed out that SmackDown’s roster is lacking heels with big-time star power. AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt carry the load there, but Raw has Seth Rollins, who is a bonafide superstar for WWE. Taz feels that turning Dolph Ziggler heel would be a good thing for him and the SmackDown brand.

Dolph Ziggler has been a face on WWE programming for three years now. A heel turn could be a good idea to make his character fresh again, especially if he were to lose the match with Dean Ambrose at WWE Summerslam. Ziggler’s strongest character trait is “stealing the show,” but he’s tired of doing that without the taste of victory, WWE gold, and fame that comes with winning. A heel turn would fit into that very well.

Dolph Ziggler Could Become the Next WWE Champion

Taz may be onto something because Ziggler’s desire to win already has him doing some questionable things based on this week’s edition of SmackDown. Bray Wyatt challenged him to put his chance at the WWE title on the line against him in the main event, which Ziggler accepted to “prove himself” to his doubters.

Although Ziggler won the match against Wyatt, he did so by utilizing the exposed turnbuckle, which is a questionable way for a face to win and could be considered more of a heel tactic. Those kinds of actions could lead to Dolph Ziggler’s heel turn that may give him the edge he needs to prove WWE officials wrong.

Recently, it was reported that WWE officials never truly believed in Dolph Ziggler as a top WWE superstar because he’s not someone they can rely on to become “The Guy” for the company. The WWE Draft and brand extension will give him more opportunities, but there is a huge difference between challenging for the WWE Championship and having a realistic chance of winning it at the second biggest show of the year.

WWE has given Dolph Ziggler another chance to succeed at WWE Summerslam. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to walk out as a heel or the WWE Champion, but this could be the last chance Ziggler gets to grab the brass ring, or he could be remembered as the wrestler who was “that damn good,” but just not good enough.

[Image via WWE.com]