Mischa Barton Sells Home, Creates Instagram Controversy With White Privilege And Topless Photos

Mischa Barton recently sold her Los Angeles house. According to the L.A. Times. After years being on and off the market, Mischa Barton has finally sold her home in the Beverly Hills Post Office area for $7.05 million.

Barton rose to fame with her role on The O.C. and she bought the house on 1.2 acres more than a decade ago for $6.4 million. Public records show that Barton had been sent a Notice of Trustee’s Sale that showed a remaining principal sum of more than $4.3 million last February. The house Mischa Barton sold was a hedged and gated estate that includes a main house and three guest houses boasting a total of eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and six fireplaces in nearly 9,800 square feet of living space.

The magnificent estate also features a library, an eat-in kitchen, and a master suite with steam rooms among the amenities. In the outdoor area of Mischa Barton’s Los Angeles house, the tiered grounds include multiple patios, lawns, and a swimming pool. Views from the estate extend as far as Catalina Island. Barton’s house originally came up for sale in 2011 for $8.695 million and was also offered for lease at $30,000 a month. Recently, the house was listed for $7.795 million.

Mischa Barton recently received an outpouring of criticism about a presumably well-intentioned tribute she made toward the victim of a police shooting. According to the Independent, Mischa Barton uploaded a photo of herself wearing a bikini and relaxing on a yacht, with a caption intending to pay tribute and respect to police brutality victim Alton Sterling.

The victim of the shooting, Alton Sterling, was shot dead by police in Louisiana. The death of Sterling preceded the death of another black man, Philiando Castile, who was shot just a day later in Minnesota. Both of the shootings were captured on camera, and it sparked a rallying cry denouncing police brutality against the black community. Mischa Barton’s Instagram post expressed how heartbroken she was to watch videos like the execution of Alton Sterling and how she was relieved that police were caught on camera before they could commit more acts of brutality. Though her response was well-intentioned and sincere, Barton’s response was branded as out of touch as it simply highlighted her own privilege.

The post on Barton’s Instagram account was deleted before it could cause even more controversy, and she went on to apologize on Twitter, saying that the post had been taken out of context.

Mischa Barton’s deleted Instagram post provoked responses from users who mocked her choice of photo as it displayed her life of luxury and privilege while speaking out about social injustice. Shortly after deleting the post, Barton shared a new photo, presumably attempting to deflect some of the criticism that was still coming her way. While some of her followers continued to debate the original post by branding it as tasteless, disconnected, and calling out her privilege, some of her fans on Instagram defended her, saying that at least she had spoken out on the issue.

???? All Lives Matter

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Mischa Barton made another strong statement on social media recently. According to News Australia, the St. Trinian’s actress stripped down for a photo shoot onboard a boat in Mykonos, Greece, and uploaded a topless photo to Instagram.

The photo featured Barton, whose nipples are blurred out, seen puffing on a cigarette, with the caption reading “Island vibes,” along with the hashtag #censored.

Just two days prior, Barton had shared a photo of herself in bed wearing an open denim shirt, black underwear, full makeup, and tousled hair with the caption reading “morning vibes.”

Morning vibes !!! Monday lets do this ???????? Hope everyone has a wonderful week Xoxo ???? @moalturki

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Mischa Barton has television credits that include Once and Again and The Beautiful Life. She has also appeared in such films as 1999’s The Sixth Sense and 2015’s Operator.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Avakian]