‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One Update Delayed By PrimitivePlus, Coming Soon

The PC version of ARK: Survival Evolved received a new content update just over a week ago, but Xbox One owners of the dinosaur survival game are still waiting to find out when they will receive the load of content that includes PrimitivePlus, new areas for The Center, and much more. Studio Wildcard provided news on the patch’s status on Saturday, and the wait is going to last a bit longer thanks to the new official mod.

ARK: Survival Evolved Lead Developer Jeremy Stieglitz provided the news on what is going on with the next Xbox One update in a comment posted to the weekly “Community Crunch” update. The addition of PrimitivePlus to the console release is turning out to be more difficult than planned.

“It’s turned out to be significantly more complex to properly package up [PrimitivePlus] for console release than we anticipated. Basically, can’t have 5 minute load times on console,” the studio co-founder explained.

“But yes, we have some of our engineers working on it every day and it’s getting done, should be submitted to Microsoft soon,” he continued. “It’s requiring some new technical pipelines to package it up in a manner that we can maintain without having every Xbox update be 4GB. Xbox updates aren’t packaged with per-byte differences like Steam updates, but rather only per-file.”

ARK: Survival Evolved - Primitive Plus (PC, Xbox One)
[Image via Studio Wildcard]

PrimitivePlus is a significantly large addition to ARK: Survival Evolved. The total conversion mod adds hundreds of new craftable items to the game, which results in about a 2 GB add-on.

This is obviously disappointing news for Xbox One owners as they have dealt with performance issues since the 737 update delivered at the beginning of July. Players have dealt with constant disconnect issues while playing on The Center and The Island. The effect has been a noticeable decrease in players on official servers as console Survivors grow weary of dealing with disconnects.

There is no mention from Studio Wildcard for fixes to these yet, but the PC update for The Center map included “massive optimizations,” per patch notes shared by developer Ben Burkart, along with various fixes for dinosaur and animal spawns, plus other glitches.

As previously covered, this update will also bring the Redwood biome to The Center map on ARK: Survival Evolved for Xbox One. Burkart extended the map southward to make room for a massive new island to house the Redwoods and the Titanosaur. The island runs from almost the eastern edge of the map, past Skull Island and the Tropical South island, all the way to the waterfalls that go off the edge of the west side of the world by the Snow South biome.

A land bridge connecting the South Snow biome to the Redwood Island also was added. This bridge is past the location of the waterfalls that go off the edge of the world. It extends directly south before cutting east towards Redwood Island.

ARK: Survival Evolved - Fishing (PC, Xbox One)
[Image via 'ARK: Survival Evolved']

A new fishing mechanic is also coming as part of the update, allowing players to craft a Fishing Rod and catch fish as opposed to just killing them. Check out the full guide on fishing for more information.

On the creature front, the Allosaurus will stalk Survivors in packs as another predator to be wary of. The alpha of the pack is noted by a slight orange mist along its back, as covered in this guide. It will be joined by the Pelagornis, a rideable bird that can both fly and float on the water.

The Industrial Grinder is coming to grind out items into their simpler components as a sort of reverse crafting method. For example, a Pike could be placed into the grinder to return the one-quarter of the Metal Ingots, Wood, and Hide that was used to create it. A Spiral Staircase is also coming to provide a more decorative approach to ascend structures.

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[Image via Studio Wildcard]