Justin Bieber And Orlando Bloom Go Nude In Feud Over Selena Gomez And Miranda Kerr?

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom famously have feuded for years, with Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr playing key roles in their war. Now there is speculation that the feud is getting a fresh start, with both of Selena’s former boyfriends staging nude antics in a clothes-free competition. The Mirror pointed out that the fact that Bieber went bare just days after Bloom makes it appear that Justin is re-igniting their rivalry.

The newest phase of their feud began when Orlando staged a highly publicized scene paddle-boarding nude in Sardinia. Then Bieber nabbed the spotlight by plopping into a pool of water, skinny dipping happily in Hawaii with a new gal pal Sahara Ray.

Justin Bieber is enjoying a vacation in Hawaii.

Rumors began to swirl that Justin deliberately stripped to fuel his feud with Bloom, with fans turning to social media to add their own ammunition to the war. Some even provoked a birthday suit showdown.

“Who wore the black bar better – # OrlandoBloom or #JustinBieber?”

Others felt that it actually was Orlando who had kicked off the second phase of the feud.

“Did Orlando Bloom want to show Justin Bieber that 40 can still compete with 20,” questioned one such conspiracy theorist.

How did the feud between Bloom and the Biebs begin? They battled in Ibiza after rumors circulated that Justin had made some remarks about Orlando’s former wife Miranda Kerr. Bloom tried to hit the pop singer but missed his mark.

Justin Bieber has an on-going feud with Orlando Bloom.

Bieber then heated up the feud by making fun of Orlando, sharing an image that appeared to mock the actor by showing him crying. The picture portrayed Bloom gazing down with one hand rubbing his eye as though he was trying to remove tears. It was subsequently deleted.

Fans on Twitter are making their own contribution to the feud after viewing the nude images, noted Hollywood.

“Take that #Beliebers #OrlandoBloom wore it better.”

For those curious about precisely what Justin said that kicked off the feud, Hollywood reports that his initial battle with Orlando was caused by the “Sorry” singer informing the actor that he slept with Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda.

Justin Bieber once narrowly escaped a battle with Orlando Bloom.

But Selena Gomez played her own role in the feud. In May, Selena and Orlando were described as “all over each other” at a nightclub in Las Vegas, with TMZ’s sources revealing that Bieber’s ex-girlfriend and Bloom got extremely “touchy feely” almost as soon as they got together.

Although Bloom was not expected at Gomez’s after-party for her concert in Las Vegas, he definitely made himself noticed when he arrived. The two also were seen canoodling in a booth during their hookup.

Where was Orlando’s girlfriend Katy Perry? She was attending a Renaissance Festival while Bloom was busy nuzzling Selena’s neck.

Gomez and the actor also were seen together at a concert in 2014, with that date occurring following Orlando’s split with Miranda and during one of her breakups with Bieber. Adding to the intrigue of this complicated relationship, Justin was reported to have hooked up with Kerr.

Perry reportedly forgave Bloom for hooking up with Selena, but Bieber maintained a grudge, an insider told OK magazine.

Justin was furious and made a vow to “kick Orlando’s a**” after Orlando hooked up with Gomez, claimed the insider.

“He can’t believe this guy’s nerve and is convinced it’s all a big game to Orlando because he’s obsessed with out-doing [Justin].”

As for the speculation now that Bieber’s and Bloom’s birthday suit antics were part of their reignited feud, that insider’s revelation may add evidence.

“[Justin] has this sick control issue when it comes to Selena,” claimed the source.

What do you think? Did Orlando and Justin go nude to add fuel to their feud? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]