Millionaire Adele “Mortified” When Her Credit Card Is Declined At California H&M

Adele credit card declined by HM

Well, it’s an “Adele, she’s just like us!” moment, as the award winning singer reveals that on one of her shopping trips while on tour, her credit card was declined at the discount store, H&M. Though Adele, a Grammy winner, obviously makes a nice living, wires got crossed and while checking out during a discount shopping spree, she learned that to her embarrassment, her credit card was no good. This is all the more confounding, as recently, Forbes named Adele one of the top ten highest paid performers.

Adele is so popular in California that, according to Music Times, she had to add two dates to her Los Angeles engagement. Both additional shows will be at the Staples Center. And Adele will take away a tidy sum, as tickets to the Adele show are some of the most costly of the season, with many of them going for almost $2k on the secondary market. Adele started her 25 tour in Belfast, and she is headed to the east coast soon, with a New York stop in late September.

It seems that a declined credit card can happen to anyone, especially if it can happen to Adele, Us Magazine reported. At her next concert, Adele recalled the story to an audience full of fans. Adele claims she was taking a break for some retail therapy while on tour in San Jose, California, when she popped in to H&M, a discount fashion retailer with locations around the world. She says she wanted to disappear when she went to pay, and her credit card was declined.

“I went to H&M and my card got declined. Oh, my days, pretty embarrassing.”

Shockingly, Adele claims that she was not recognized while shopping in H&M, so when the card decline happened, nobody knew it was her.

“Nobody knew it was me, but I was mortified.”

Adele might be one of the world’s wealthiest singers, but she is quite candid that she really likes a bargain, popping into H&M, CVS, and Target while out on tour. She has been photographed at Target in the toy section, buying gifts for her son, Angelo, 3 while on tour. After telling the credit card story to her adoring fans, Adele says that her favorite thing to do after touching down in California is to get a bite to eat at n-N-Out Burger, and then go power shopping at Target.

And once again, Adele proves that she’s just like us, as she goes into Target not really needing anything, and coming out with a cart full of bags.

“They have everything! Literally I spent $100 on stuff I do not need, I never need anything I buy at Target, but it’s amazing.”

The Mirror says that Adele won’t soon forget her time in San Jose and her shows at the SAP Arena, because despite being worth approximately $85 million, she was red faced when her card was declined at H&M. Adele found the whole thing odd, as she had just used her card to pick up some items at Sephora ahead of her Sunday night concert.

As if it’s not embarrassing enough to have your credit card declined, Adele also explains that her Dachshund, Louie, got into a scuffle in H&M.

“My dog tried to claw another dog. My trip to H&M was great… but no one knew it was me so I think I’m going to get away with it.”

It is thought that Adele is often able to do her shopping without being noticed because she goes out dressed in comfy casual clothes with her hair pulled back, and no make-up. But Adele says that despite the credit card hiccup, she still loves a bargain, and will continue to do her own shopping.

Are you an Adele fan? Do you think you would have spotted her shopping at H&M?

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]