Blake Lively To Join Husband Ryan Reynolds In ‘Deadpool 2’? ‘Shallows’ Star New Baby Makes 2016 Movies Rumor Unlikely

The most recent Deadpool 2 rumor is that Blake Lively may be joining her husband Ryan Reynolds in the new movie. However, considering that The Shallows star is currently about four months pregnant with new baby, it’s highly unlike that she will be ready to film Deadpool 2. That doesn’t mean that Ryan Reynolds will drop out of the film though!

The Shallows star became pregnant with her second baby back in April, after celebrating her first baby James’ birthday in December. She did not confirm until much later when her baby bump began to show.

Considering that this is her second pregnancy, the 28-year-old actress has been styling her baby bump much better. She is famous for not hiring a stylist to pick outfits for her, but she definitely has an eye for what works and does not work for her.

With her new baby growing in her every day, she often chooses to emphasize her still trim legs and arms. Check out a post on Instagram that showed off her savvy fashion choices!

Blake Lively and Deadpool 2 star made it clear earlier this summer that they will not stop at just having two children – the more the merrier!

“One of the world’s most beautiful couples, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, are already parents to one insanely adorable daughter — okay so they haven’t released pictures yet, but with two parents that look like that, come on — and rumors have just started swirling that the family of three could be expanding to a family of four very, very soon,” reports Brides.

This means that it is very unlikely that The Shallows actress will be able to take part in the upcoming Deadpool movie, which is one of the most well reviewed superhero movie this year. Ryan Reynolds managed to renew his contract for the movie in 2016.

“Ryan Reynolds might have closed the deal to star in Deadpool 2,” reports Movie Pilot. “He made $2 million upfront for the first film and was already signed on for a sequel, but his agents wanted to renegotiate for more money on future Deadpool film earnings. This makes absolute sense, as Deadpool has become one of the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time.”

In fact, Blake’s husband was so proud of the 2016 movie that he plasters his Instagram with various updates about it. He even customizes his posts so that Deadpool fits into whatever is trending at the moment.

As for pregnant mother joining Deadpool 2, considering that the release date for the movie is January 12, 2018, it’s not very possible that she will be ready to film. She conceived her new baby in April, which means that she will give birth in early 2017, around the time that the film will be aired.

Plus,The Shallows star has plenty of other movies and projects that are coming up. She not only release two movies this summer, but she also hinted that she would be interested in a Gossip Girl reboot.

“I don’t know, it would be fun,” Blake said to Vanity Fair. “We had such a great time doing that that I think we all would really enjoy that.”

Meanwhile, her husband recently hit the news for snubbing Will Smith’s character in Suicide Squad. When questioned who will win in a fight-off between Deadpool and Deadshot, Ryan Reynolds said that he doesn’t know anything about the latter character.

“Who’s Deadshot? I’m really not familiar with that character,” Ryan said according to Yahoo. “Sorry, I just don’t know who that is.”

Do you think Blake Lively is trying to fit Deadpool 2 into her 2016 movie schedule? Or do you think she will focus on her new baby? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Evan Agostini/AP Images]