‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Nudges Steffy, Wyatt Worries, And Eric Explains As Quinn Heads Home

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday hint that there will be quite a bit of action related to Liam, Steffy, and Wyatt. Things have blown up in Monte Carlo thanks to Quinn’s determination to go visit Eric and things may never be the same after these intense confrontations. What can everybody expect from the August 5 show?

As viewers saw on Thursday Eric ended up breaking things off with Quinn out of allegiance to his granddaughter, despite Quinn’s pleas to continue their romance. She is supposed to be heading back to Los Angeles now as the others continue with the Spencer Summit. Wyatt had a difficult discussion with his mother over the fling and he voiced concern to her about the future of his marriage to Steffy as a result of all that has happened.

Liam found Steffy on the beach as she was thinking about her marriage and he made an aggressive move: he kissed her and said that he wanted her to come back to him, insisting that he would not take no for an answer. As Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share, Liam will bring up an option that he sees as a way for them to move forward.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that he will push her to make the decision to leave her husband, something he has wanted for a while now. He has made it clear that he intends to reunite with her, despite her marriage to Wyatt, and it looks like he will use this latest explosion with Quinn as leverage. She is obviously in a very delicate state at this point, having just told her husband that she never signed up for all of this chaos, admitting that she did not know how much more she could take.

Back in Los Angeles, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Ridge and Thomas will get up to speed on the situation. Ridge will explode as he questions what Eric has done now, and Thomas will tell his father that Steffy seems ready to throw in the towel on her marriage over Quinn’s antics.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Wyatt will be facing some fears about what comes next. He told his mother that he worried that her antics could cause the demise of his marriage, and he will be feeling concerned about losing his wife after these Monte Carlo shenanigans. Wyatt and Eric will talk about the situation, with Eric acknowledging how much he cares for Quinn.

Heading into the week of August 8, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy will connect with Ridge and formulate a plan to ensure that Quinn and Eric stay apart. Ridge was stunned to hear of the affair and it looks like he will have no hesitations in supporting his daughter in these efforts. Eric will feel the need to call a family meeting and this one could certainly get intense.

The upcoming week of episodes will also bring action on multiple other fronts as well. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Bill will be asking Brooke for a favor, and this could be complicated as the favor is related to Katie.

According to Highlight Hollywood, there will also be some time spent with Julius and Vivienne as well as Baby Lizzie, Rick and Maya’s little girl who hasn’t been seen in a while. Deacon will also be popping up and viewers will be anxious to know what comes next.

Will Steffy decide to end her marriage to Wyatt and reunite with Liam? Can Eric stay away from Quinn, or will she convince him that they are meant for one another? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that there are big moments ahead and fans will not want to miss a minute of the drama.

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