Watch Pregnant Joseline Hernandez Confront Stevie J: Young Dro Joining ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Complicates Things

The teaser for part two of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion shows us that Joseline Hernandez is pregnant, and she believes Stevie J is the father. Atlanta rapper Young Dro refuses to confirm or deny whether he is her baby daddy, and Stevie J seems to think he is not either.

The clip where the Puerto Rican princess confirms her pregnancy was filmed about three months ago. From the date in that clip, Joseline tells the producer that she and Stevie J were intimate about three and a half months ago.

When asked about her periods, Joseline confirms she has not been having them. She put it down to the stress of her relationship with Stevie J and did not realize she is pregnant. She took a pregnancy test a second time to make sure, and it was positive.

Recent pictures of Joseline on Instagram also confirm she is pregnant, with her baby bump on full display.

In the clip for the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Stevie J questions her pregnancy, and the short clip shows the producer giving Stevie J the pregnancy test stick. It is not clear how he reacts to the news or whether the Bad Boy producer believes her since their relationship is sour.

To make matters worse or more suspicious, Young Dro is reportedly joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, according to the Jasmine Brand. The “Shoulder Lean” rapper has been spotted with Joseline on many occasions and has been coy about the nature of their relationship.

Although it is clear that the pair are making music together, many suspect that it may be more than that. Joseline did not bring up Young Dro’s name when questioned about the pregnancy. However, the publication that broke the story reveals Joseline’s pregnancy is going to be part of the Young Dro storyline.

“We’re told that they have not begun to film the new season yet, however Dro will be on the show. His storyline will involve Joseline Hernandez, who is currently pregnant. As you know, Joseline recently revealed that she was pregnant and there’s been tons of unconfirmed speculation that she is pregnant by either her ex Stevie J or rapper Young Dro, whom she recently shot a music video with.”

In Young Dro’s recent interview with the Shade Room, he is asked about the nature of their relationship. He claims they are just work buddies, but then he goes on to say that he may ask her hand in marriage.

When the Shade Room asked whether he is the baby daddy, Young Dro said “no comment” with a grin on his face.

He talks about possibly making an album with Joseline and praises her talents in the studio. He then says that he can take her career much future than Stevie J can. Stevie J often uses the contract he has with Joseline as a means to control her, and he also believes he is the only one that can help her career.

Young Dro says that Stevie J is a nice guy and doesn’t believe that the Bad Boy producer is threatened by him. He hints at joining Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but he makes it clear he wants it to focus on the music.

However, fans of the show know there is always drama involved and it seems like a love triangle between the Puerto Rican princess, Stevie J, and Young Dro is going to be a part of Season 6 next year.

You will have to tune into Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion next week Monday to see how Stevie J reacts. Their social media accounts make it clear that they are still not together, so many fans suspect that the pregnancy revelation is not going to go smooth.

[Image via VH1]