Donald Trump Jr Net Worth And Chelsea Clinton's Salary: How Much Are The Children Of The Presidential Candidates Worth?

Donald Trump Jr and Chelsea Clinton are the eldest children of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the two frontrunners in the 2016 election. The salaries and net worth of candidates are often a prominent topic for discussion, but how much are the potential first children worth? Each of Donald Trump's children and Chelsea Clinton, Bill and Hillary's only daughter, have expectedly inherited a large amount of wealth from their parents, but exactly how much and what are their jobs?

According to Bankrate, Donald Trump Jr. is undeniably the richest child in the race. The 38-year-old has an estimated net worth of over $150 million as the heir to the Trump empire. His father Donald has given him the rather cushy position as executive vice president of The Trump Organization. However, Trump Jr. has also made appearances as a judge on The Apprentice.

Donald Trump Jr. isn't the only child with a seat at the top table of The Trump Organization, however. Ivanka Trump, the middle child from Donald Trump's first marriage to Ivana Trump, also has an estimated net worth of $150 million, holding an equal position as executive vice president of The Trump Organization. Their younger brother, Eric Trump, similarly has a net worth of $150 million, alongside his role as executive vice president of The Trump Organization and a former judge on The Apprentice.

Tiffany Trump, the only child of Donald Trump and his second wife Marla Maples, has a net worth of just $1 million in comparison to her older siblings. However, at 22 years of age, Tiffany is a recent college graduate with aspirations of a singing career. With that in mind, she doesn't appear to play much of a role in the Trump family business and because of that, could carry out many of the duties expected of the president's children if Donald Trump secures the presidency in November.


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So how does that compare to Chelsea Clinton, the only child of former president Bill Clinton and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton? If her mother wins the presidency in November, this will be Chelsea Clinton's third terms as the first daughter. However, she'll be considerably better off this time. According to Heavy, Chelsea Clinton has an estimated net worth of $15 million, largely thanks to her husband Marc Mezvinsky's work as an investment banker with New York-based firm Goldman Sachs.

Clinton has racked up a fair amount of wealth of her own, however. NBC sparked controversy in 2011 by hiring her as a special correspondent with a salary of $600,000, because of her high profile name and lack of journalistic experience. Clinton left her role with NBC in 2014 before the birth of her first child, deciding to focus more time on her work with the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. However, that hasn't stopped Clinton from splashing the cash on a high profile wedding and an expensive apartment.

It goes without saying that the combined wealth of Donald Trump's children is considerably more than that of Bill and Hillary Clinton's only child, Chelsea. However, both Donald Trump's children and Chelsea Clinton have definitely benefited from the success and wealth of their parents.

Which of those aforementioned children now make it to the White House remains to be seen. However, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's children have their own lives and careers, so it'll be interesting to see how much time they dedicate to their responsibilities as part of the first family.

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